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  1. More pics from last week. Does anyone know what this building was before they painted rust on the brick and put amazingly beautiful black painted plywood on the windows?
  2. Mr. Moderator, before you change, it, please let me know why its misleading. I simply stated what the building started as then its next name change then what its going to be next, which we dont know. The only thing i left out of the title was the name it took for about a few years or so when it was called Manger hotel. I am new and it was my first post, I'm just trying to contribute.
  3. I use a Kodac Easyshare DX7440. ITs a 4.0 megapixel. I thought i would have problems taking some of my pics while facing the sun, so your supposed to step into the shadow of something if your going to shoot that direction, but it didnt matter. Its a great little camera. I like it because i can use video with it. I was practicing the other day trying to analyze my golf swing.
  4. Here it is From 1947, I found it on a GRPL website The description says you can see the Grand Trunk Depot in the background. It was Rowe Hotel, then later became the Manger Hotel and then Olds Manor I read somewhere it was olds manor nursing home from 71 to either 81 or 91 when it closed and has been empty since. Not positive though
  5. I have only heard what i have read on here, which was that Dick Devos owns the place and is i guess waiting on the post office to move to another more convenient site for them that way he can have the waterfront property and then develop olds manor into another hotel or something along those lines. The hotel Idea is speculation though, from what i have read on the forum I have a pic of "Hotel Rowe" from the 40's but photbucket wont upload it b/c its a wierd format. Its pretty fascinating photo though.
  6. Here are some picks of the Olds Manor hotel I took yesterday. Nice architecture
  7. Does anyone know what this is going in about 50 yards south of the new J.W. Marriott? I'm brand new to posting in forums and took a bunch of pictures yesterday, so i am going to start posting them if thats alright with everyone.
  8. 3 Days post skating season at Rosa Parks Circle Looks kind of sad to me, but it was 43 degrees today.
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