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  1. Lighting isn't finalized. That is just a rendering done for purposes of showing people the basic look we will have. Mark I'm doing 17 apartments on the old Twin Arch Motel site that will be just that. They will be fully-furnished and have utilities included and are aimed at adults, not students. Definitely a need! Mark
  2. Here's a quick look at how we will be modifying the building at 218 N. Church and turning it into four condos along with garages and a studio condo out back. Yes it is boxy, but we are working with the existing monolithic steel and concrete structure that is there and adding a second floor to it. The flavor will be decidedly Asian and the interiors mid-century modern (if buyers will allow us to do what we think is best). Each unit will be on a single floor, have wide floor plates, high ceilings, and tons of covered porches on the front and side of each unit.
  3. Is this really it--hanging over the street like that? They are selling quickly. I know two different couples who have already put one of these under contract.
  4. I think it is going to be a new coffee shop.
  5. I have the old Twin Arch Motel under contract. Studying it now. Initial plans would be to make it fully-furnished, utils included apartments with a pool. Parking will go on vacant lot to the south of it. Keep your fingers crossed I can make this work--it's in really bad shape and the numbers will be tight. Also--finally got my regular Certificate of Occupancy for 1200 N. College today! M
  6. The problem with modern here is threefold. First, it is done poorly. Random materials used for no reason, poor detailing of the buildings in terms of roofs and water, and a lot more. I like modern but think it is done poorly here. Second, it appeals to a younger age group. 50 year olds in this part of the country don't like it. Third, the 50 year olds have the money. Modern does not sell for the same price per square foot as more traditional design. All said, though, I would love to do GOOD modern residential here. I wish Summit Place had been designed for multi-family row housing down low and I had done the buildings as rentals in a West Coast modern style. The hillside would have been ideal for that. Also--mid-century modern really seems to be taking hold. I have done a couple of those houses and love it. Would like to build new ones. They appeal to a middle-aged group and are also not expensive to build, tho do require larger lots because they need to be ranches with big roof overhangs.
  7. Fayetteville city government is a mess. Because of our weak mayor and a city council that is obsessed with creating scooter insurance laws/mailbox parking laws/pushing their own social agenda as opposed to actually creating an environment for growth in our city, more and more investment and potential investment is heading north. Being "development friendly" is perceived as a bad thing by those who are currently controlling our local government. I'm afraid that they are all so disconnected and unfamiliar with what it means to take huge risks and make investments in real estate (and improving it) that they just don't mind running everyone off. We will be left with more empty storefronts and a declining tax base if we cannot get some more pragmatic, business-oriented people in our local government. You can only push these distracting genda items so far while at the same time ignoring business before the consequences will be felt. The barriers to redeveloping North College have got to be eliminated. The vertical height restrictions are diametrically opposed to low impact development and sustainability. We need a plan to actively attract the type of businesses that we need here. We need more high quality office space. We need to plant trees and bury power lines. We need to enforce our property maintenance standards. We just need some common sense badly. I am hoping to see a major change in city government come the next election and hope some intelligent, moderate, and reasonable leaders emerge here who can see the big picture.
  8. I really wish I could build a more affordable product. I can't do it downtown. I am paying $100/ft for total wrecks (when I'm lucky). I just had someone in Wash Willow try to sell me a house that needs to be redone for over $200/ft. How can I redo it, pay interest and real estate commissions and come out on that? We are working hard to reduce our costs, though....but it isn't easy!
  9. Guys--I have sold a number of houses for $300+ per foot in downtown Fayetteville over the last 10 years. Yes they are expensive but my costs to buy and renovate to the standard we do them is very high. Not really worried about the price of either of these two--one is $819K and the other $899K but with optional detached garage apt and pool house with kitchen, bath and FP takes it to $1.1 million. Not a huge market for what we do but it is there. We just sold a house at Summit Place (not as good as one block off Dickson) that is 1500 sq feet above grade for $393K. It does have a roughly 500 sq ft partly-finished basement, too, but that is not valued at same $ per square foot. You want a condo for $300+ per foot or a single family house that is super high quality? The house usually wins..... Mark
  10. You all should check out our two houses one block off Dickson at 120 W. Spring and 208 N. Church. Spring is nearing completion. Church is still in the framing stage but has an optional apartment above the garage and optional pool and poolhouse. Total value of these two houses is approx. $1.9 million.
  11. Hello, All. Here's a quick look at 1200 N. College. Going for sort of a Southwestern look--think Santa Fe. The clock over the entry will hopefully become a larger, square clock that is made of an illuminated "Zweig Group" logo. We'll see if we can get that cleared with the City and find someone to make it for us if so! 1200 North College South Elevations with Lights 09 23 14.pdf
  12. Rod--Todd Jacobs formerly of Jacobs Newell has designed a number of those. A house on S. Church and South St. built for the owner of Mustache was designed by Albert Skiles.
  13. Been to the new Houlihan's in Rogers. I would call it mediocre at best. I think Cheesecake Factory is a much better chain. Better still is Houston's. I wish we had one of them here. It is the best chain restaurant there is, in my opinion. Based on how busy P.F. Chang's stays I cannot believe they couldn't do well in Rogers at Pinnacle. Mark
  14. Guys--the mega student housing projects we have going in on "Crazy Eric's Corner" and in and around Maple and Lafayette are going to be transformational. I cannot believe all the concrete--wow! These are going to be some real buildings. The effect of all these added people living in the downtown area will have to be a good one for our businesses in and around Dickson and The Square. It's pretty amazing really that these developers are taking the kinds of risks they are but God bless 'em! We are going to be a real city before long. Mark
  15. I prefer Kum and Go, in spite of their wacky name! M
  16. I heard from a little birdie that Legacy Blues will be no more after this weekend and that a company that owns several Italian restaurants in Benton County is going in their spot. This is good news as far as i am concerned. While i think the space they occupied was cool, the place seemed like management didnt know what market they were aiming at and was very disjointed. Food was expensive, servers a notch below Grubb's, messy porches, odd portion sizes...just a weird experience. M
  17. I know I'm the critic but I just hope whatever goes up has the right architectural details. I am damn sick of "cottages" and "bungalows" that have the wrong windows (no muntins or wrong muntin pattern), wrong doors, wrong siding, wrong proportions, wrong window locations, bad rooflines, wacky columns (I've seen a lot of that lately), ugly paving, bad landscaping, wrong light fixtures, etc. Do something good--not a crappy characature of it! Mark
  18. I once heard that hibachi steakhouses are the single most profitable type of restaurant you can have. There's little menu variety, everyone gets the same salad, soup, and sides, and the cook is the primary server. Ticket prices are high, and people don't tend to linger at the tables when they are eating wih strangers..... Could explain why so many of them! M
  19. I have to say while I'm tickled to see something built down here the architecture is pretty bad. I don't know how people come up with such strange combinations of colors and materials as done on these buildings! M
  20. Gee, thanks, Guys. I started a new topic on this project where i can share more info on it. I am really excited about what we'll be doing up there! M
  21. They are damned good, damned expensive chain restaurant.
  22. I heard Albert Skiles designed this. Putting that box right next to the existing struture with its extreme roof pitch dumping water right next to it is typical of something Skiles would do. Not a good idea in my opinion.
  23. That is very good news, indeed. We will have a good restaurant at our new hotel!
  24. Agreed. That is just ridiculous! Mark I agree wi you on all counts. Really dumb. We have huge vacant lots now. Build on those. This is really stupid. Bad planning. No leadership in the City. Mark
  25. The location is bad--off the road--but Savor was a terrible restaurant. A lot of folks said the location where Sassy's is was cursed, too, after Lulu's Fish Shack and the other place before it went belly up. But Sassy's has a good product and is doing very well there. Mermaids is fairly mediocre but consistent and they do have a loyal following, particularly at lunch. So they may do OK there. Mark
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