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    I am an attorney specilizing in patents and intellectual property, and in music and entertainment law. <br /><br />I like going to Rock shows, working on inventions, and rehabbing older homes.
  1. I would say the northern boundary would be quince or mount moriah. I think it is one of the most diverse sections of Memphis. The fact that the international farmer's market is out there (have you been? amazing), a huge hispanic poulation, with lots of restaurants, the best korean store and market, the best thai, and the only south indian restaurant is indicative of its diversity.
  2. I think that most people in Memphis are prepared. We've had enough ice storms, summer hurricane force winds, tornado threats and power outages that we know how to cope, and we've seen the city make it through okay without any mass hysteria. Earthquakes are one of those things that we can't do anything about, so when it happens, it happens. Crossroad, whats a "wheelchair liberal" thats mentioned in your signature? A google search points back to this forum!
  3. Midtown is very large area. There are bad pockets, but if you stay away from them (which is easy to do), then you can walk around all night. I regularly walk home from bars, and have never had any concerns.
  4. I guess it also depends on the kind of lifestyle you want. You mentioned earlier that you're young and single. If you like bars, clubs, restaurants and an active social atmosphere, you won't find much to choose from in Lakeland, Desoto, or Collierville. Those are all family/residential areas. And finding a designated driver willing to haul you back to the suburbs will be tough. If you're going to buy a house, think about midtown: home prices have been on a fast upward trend, or downtown if you're interested in a condo. From both of these locations. you can walk to a lot of bars and restaurants, or easily find a ride. I would highly recommend that you rent for a while first so that you have a chance to explore the different sides of Memphis. A lot of landlords offer short term leases.
  5. I'll eat my words.... I never even tried doing that during rush hour.
  6. I think its closer to 20 minutes from either part. I live in midtown and work downtown, and to go out to hickory hill is relatively quick and painless Sam cooper blvd will get you on the interstate quickly for most of midtown, and I-55 S --> 240 -->385 will take you from downtown in minutes
  7. leave off "road" in the street names
  8. For young and single, you can't beat midtown or downtown. Their both safe, but like any city, you've got to pay attention to your surroundings. Midtown covers a large area, and most of it is very safe, but there are pockets that aren't. But it is easy to avoid the parts that are unsafe. You couldn't pay me to live anywhere else in Memphis, but downtown would be my second bet. Midtown is definitely the most liberal thinking part of town. I think it is also the most diverse...but it looks like hickory hill is catching up. I've noticed a lot more ethnic restaurants and grocery stores in the hickory hill area recently. Definitely the best thai, korean, and indian restaurants are over there. This is the website for police crime mapping: https://crimemapper.memphispolice.org/
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