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  1. I was in that very part of Raleigh today delivering food to people there for the Raleigh Rescue Mission. I even recognize the houses in nearly every picture. You don't have to worry about being robbed there. Crime isn't the problem there, poverty is (often the two go hand in hand, but not really in Southeast Raleigh). I've seen the inside of many of those homes when delivering the food and it's horrible. The conditions people are living in are unbelievable... and just, well, horrible. If you think the outside is bad you won't believe the inside. Often I've never had a problem there and I deliver food every Thanksgiving.
  2. I stated the reasons why in a previous post. Read up.
  3. Angus Barn is apparently good enough to have their top chef compete on "Iron Chef America."
  4. Right, it was never a mall because it never had a chance in hell to become successful or encourage the new business growth necessary to make it become the mall concept it was envisioned. A mall will not work downtown. Not in sites 5 or 6, not anywhere downtown.
  5. It seems to me that lately the city council as ended their "it's too tall!" attitude and have actually asked for real improvements in otherwise cookie cutter designs and encouraged height, such as the case with RBC and Reynolds.
  6. A downtown shopping complex will not work in Raleigh. Fayetteville Street Mall proved this and with so many other options available without going downtown (Crabtree, Triangle Town Center, et al.). no one will bother. What's needed to get people downtown first off is an easy transportation route into downtown i.e. the light rail. Once people have an easy way to get downtown, and leave, they'll actually consider going, then you worry about giving them a reason to go (i.e. attractions). Plensa would have been a good start. Raleigh seems to be banking on the new convention center to do this and make the Raleigh revitalization work. Indeed, the convention center is the cornerstone of the revitalization. The hope is that the convention center gets people downtown which causes new businesses, restaurants, et al. to open up to take advantage of the new business potential and these new business attract even more people downtown and so on and so forth. It's a chain reaction. But truth be told, at least in the near and semi-distant future, you can forget about downtown shopping complexes, arenas, etc. as being part of that. It's going to be things on a much smaller scale and scope for some time.
  7. There's no way a lot of the buildings such as Briggs Hardware will be allowed to be torn down.
  8. I love Ed McKays. I go there all the time. I've been going for years since about the time they first opened at the old location back before everyone else discovered it.
  9. I'm not a fan of Round-abouts. I find them really, really annoying. But maybe if they stick something in them, like Dana's LED fountain, it wouldn't be so bad The two main things I'm looking for are improved lighting and underground powerlines.
  10. It's time to ask ourselves which area to we care about more: Downtown Raleigh or areas outside of downtown?
  11. My vision for the site is something like the American Tobacco Project in Durham except with much more green space, art and trees. Almost like a park without being an actual park. And I do agree with building the two pedestrian bridge to link to the trails.
  12. Is Reynolds still a "maybe" at this point or has there been any real progress?
  13. Wow. I don't suppose we have any renderings, do we?
  14. My cousin's long time boyfriends is from Austin and when he first moved up here with her he once remarked to me how much Raleigh and Austin are alike.
  15. Ok, I've got to hear more about you almost hitting Edwards LOL!
  16. Does it really need to be? If we put everything in immediate range to the convention center than only the major interior of Raleigh will benefit while the outer parts of downtown suffer, however, if we spread out the attractions a little they'll help the areas around them grow and improve.
  17. How big of a boost will The Soleil Center give Crabtree Valley Mall?
  18. I agree that the Roundaouts are a stupid idea. If the city was wise they'd spend more money now to get everything up to par than spend only a little money which won't accomplish what's necessary and will prove in the end to have been a bad idea and they'll end up having to just rip it all up anyway.
  19. Agreed. I really like your ideas. I think it would be cool of Raleigh got a museum dedicated to NC culture... "The Museum of NC Culture." Things like tobacco, BBQ, college basketball, The Outer Banks, the mountains and other related culture could be covered.
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