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  1. I especially like how the Wells jukebox building has been lopped off at the top. That's some tight photoshop work.
  2. wow, Duke energy looks thick from that perspective! great view, nice photo.
  3. revitalize

    The Vue

    Side by side comparison with the rendering
  4. Is that the Charlotte School of Law building in the foreground? I haven't seen that new building yet... very nice.
  5. 1st Ward, Old City Hall, Old Courthouse.
  6. Construction activity at the Park today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually, don't get excited. Workers were DIS-ASSEMBLING the pedestrian walkway cover/scaffold this afternoon when I walked by.)
  7. So, this one's not a photo from anywhere near the urban core, but i snapped this with my cameraphone at Blakeney the other night. I thought the colors turned out great!
  8. BLUES BREWS & BBQ today at lunchtime. Got me some brisket from Mac's!!!! mmmm
  9. From my walk to Reids the other day: & this is the ugly box AT&T bldg on Caldwell & 5th has some really nice stonework. Sorry for the bad cameraphone pic - but i think i got the general idea here.
  10. It's called SOLARPARK.US, you can check out the website... http://www.solarpark.us it's [ehem...] interesting?
  11. Reading all the news this morning about the upcoming auction on the Park, etc., I was trying to imagine... who the h*ll in their right mind would buy this project and try to finish it - you stand the chance of all signed up buyers just bailing or suing for their money back, and then would end up in the hole for the cost of the unsold units until you can unload them all. And in this market condition, that would take a while I'm sure. But then I realized - if a reputable condo tower building were to purchase it and diligently pursue finishing out the building, a lot of previous signed up buyers may hold on and stick it out, since they've locked in contracts at 2004 prices. Then you'd hopefully make out OK as the builder... am i thinking about this correctly?
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