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  1. The ground breaking is premature to coincide with Earth Week (political publicity). Trust me when I say the actual start of construction will not happen fo a while.
  2. Don't get your hopes up for this project to really get started any time soon. According to those close to the project there is still some concern over the design of the building. State employee parking, which was temporarily moved from the site, has returned on half of the block. It will be a while before this project gets going.
  3. In the budget passed by the General Assembly was the following: "Green Square - Pr ovi des capi t al f unds f or t he pl anni ng, si t e devel opment , NR and ear l y const r uct i on of a 172, 000 squar e f oot of f i ce bui l di ng f or DENR; a 79, 400 squar e f oot expansi on of t he NC Museum of Nat ur al Sci ences, and 418 spaces of under gr ound par ki ng. The t ot al cost f or t he pr oj ect i s $118. 25 mi l l i on. The Fr i ends of t he Museum wi l l of f set $15. 5 mi l l i on of t he pr oj ect cost f or exhi bi t mat er i al s and equi pment . The Fr i ends of t he Museum have al so commi t t ed t o r ai se $27. 5 mi l l i on t owar d t he cost of const r uct i on of t he Museum expansi on." Also of interest: "State Capital Visitors Center/Plaza/Underground Parking Facility - Pr ovi des capi t al pl anni ng f unds f or t he pr oposed St at e NR Capi t al Vi si t or s Cent er , publ i c pl aza and under gr ound par ki ng. The Depar t ment of Admi ni st r at i on wi l l wor k wi t h t he Depar t ment of Cul t ur al Resour ces r egar di ng t he desi gn of t he Vi si t or s Cent er . The pr oj ect cost i s $28 mi l l i on."
  4. The 14B probably includes Federal funds, receipts, etc. But I doubt the 14B is solely General Fund (Taxpayer) money. Unless I'm reading the information posted online for the Gov's Budget and Leg's Budgets the $14B is incorrect.
  5. I don't think those budget numbers are correct, maybe they include Federal Funds. In the Governor's Budget HHS' budget was $4.5B and in the Legislature it is around $5B. Still large, but not 70% (more like 25%).
  6. Conversations I have had with individuals close to the parking deck issue indicated to me that the project is moving forward. Sen. Cowell's provision was more to push the discussion regarding state parking and raise it as an issue going forward. Expect demolition of the Y to occur sometime in the first or second week of July.
  7. There is no way the State is going to sell the Dix land for a mere $10 million.
  8. From what I can tell, Green Square is not funded in the Senate's Budget. Not sure what this means for the future of the project. It could still get in during conference.
  9. I agree...its waste. Similar to what Cary already has.
  10. As the project stands now, SECU has claim to their piece of the land they currently have. They can build a new building there if they want or they can do nothing. This is what I have been told.
  11. Since Green Square no longer involves SECU, the State has re-started architect/designer selections. I wouldn't expect any physical progress until the end of summer/early fall. Besides, the project still needs official funding in the State Budget. The Governor's Office and House both have it in their budgets. Let's hope the Senate does as well.
  12. Agreed. Hopefully the new developments will bring increased activity to the streets around the ballpark.
  13. The ATHD, in my opinion, is the best and most attractive redevelopment in the entire Triangle. I can't wait for all of it to be complete. Durham has set the bar high.
  14. In fairness the Dix property is State land which means someone who lives in Wilmington or somewhere else in NC should have the same amount of input regarding the use of the land as Wake County residents. People forget that the state owns this land, not Raleigh or Wake. As a resident of the Triangle I am glad that I have input into the use state land, whether that is at the beach, the mountaints or in my home county.
  15. Its under review by the powers at be in state government. Do not be surprised if it doesn't happen...at least not as originally envisioned.
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