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  1. The 14B probably includes Federal funds, receipts, etc. But I doubt the 14B is solely General Fund (Taxpayer) money. Unless I'm reading the information posted online for the Gov's Budget and Leg's Budgets the $14B is incorrect.
  2. I don't think those budget numbers are correct, maybe they include Federal Funds. In the Governor's Budget HHS' budget was $4.5B and in the Legislature it is around $5B. Still large, but not 70% (more like 25%).
  3. There is no way the State is going to sell the Dix land for a mere $10 million.
  4. Agreed. Hopefully the new developments will bring increased activity to the streets around the ballpark.
  5. The ATHD, in my opinion, is the best and most attractive redevelopment in the entire Triangle. I can't wait for all of it to be complete. Durham has set the bar high.
  6. In fairness the Dix property is State land which means someone who lives in Wilmington or somewhere else in NC should have the same amount of input regarding the use of the land as Wake County residents. People forget that the state owns this land, not Raleigh or Wake. As a resident of the Triangle I am glad that I have input into the use state land, whether that is at the beach, the mountaints or in my home county.
  7. In my opinion RTP is should not even be compared to Sillicon Valley. While RTP has a list of impressive companies, many, not all, are branch high-tech manufacturing operations. Compare that to SV where they have many more high-tech headquarters and research firms.
  8. Boise looks like a great place! Is it considered a liberal or conservative city? I know Idaho is very conservative, but what about Boise.
  9. Grew up in Portland and lived in Seattle following undegrad. Currently I live in North Carolina (Chapel Hill).
  10. Don't think this has been posted. Interesting article in N&O on proposed Cabtree office space. Crabtree
  11. Coming from the West Coast I know of many cities where the middle class and even upper middle class (thinking of SF) cannot afford to live DT or even close to DT. Its an issue that will only get worse and one that I believe should not be ignored.
  12. Never said there are not lazy people. Its my opinion, however, that the majority of people who cannot afford are not lazy or dishonist or opportunistic. Like you, I would also like to see affordable and viable transportation options for all as well as the assurance that all have access to food. It is just a simple notion that we should look out for those who are not as fortunate as us.
  13. Your comment is definitely uncalled for. There are many reasons why people cannot afford housing. To suggest that it is merely laziness is unfortunate and ignorant.
  14. I also believe that it is the role of city government to provide affordable housing.
  15. I agree...I think it would help bolster RTP (i.e. help attract more foriegn firms/research companies to the area).
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