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  1. Looks like Tuscan is still focused on rebranding Optimist Park into the new name of "SoDa." On the revised site plan (site plan link) for the lot currently housing the defunct Urban Stash, the architects have name the project "SoDa Lofts". Of course this could change, and I hope it does. They stayed with the Optimist Park name with the Opt12 project, so why try another route with a project on the same exact block? Rezoning Petition 2006-097
  2. Unfortunately One Voice was not invited back in 2005 (for unknown reasons). They will petition again for 2006, but will need a grant again as they did in 2004. I was on the float with them at the time, and we had nothing but positive response from the crowd -- considering we had a CMPD personal escort and the Mecklenburg Sherrif's Dept right behind us. As for Pride Charlotte, it was great event and I agree a parade would be wonderful! There are many smaller communities in the country that have parades, but I guess none are as "conservative" as Charlotte. Here are some shots of the event: Pride Charlotte Photos
  3. I heard the same. I just hope the new building compliments Opt 12 and the rest of the neighborhood. I guess we won't know for a while though.
  4. I agree. This is one of the main reasons I am moving into Opt 12 myself! I just wish the area would blossom a little faster. The zoning hearing for the rest of the block which Opt 12 is on was pushed back to Sept now. Rezoning Petition 2006-097
  5. Thanks for posting these! I am moving into one of the Opt12 units when they open, so it is great to see all the changes at the building and in the area.
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