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    My recommendations / requests: - Bass Pro Shop / Outdoor World - Dave & Busters - Jillians - Blacklion Antiques - Dicks Sporting Goods - Various factory outlet stores - fye: For Your Entertainment - Sun & Ski Sports - Rainforest Cafe
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    Convert Tallahassee Mall into a combination outlet mall and antique mall; throw in some entertainment venues like Dave & Busters or Jillians; maybe even sell it to Simon Properties and make it part of the "Mills" line like Concord Mills, Potomac Mills, Discover Mills, Sawgrass Mills.... Call it Apalachee Mills. Replace it with DeVoe's project at Mahan/I-10 or Southwood's planned outdoor mall.
  3. March 18, 2007 FSU Reservation Tallahassee, FL
  4. March 11, 2007 Lake Lafayette Tallahassee, FL
  5. September 24, 2006 Tallahassee Railroad Station & Vicinity Tallahassee, FL Here are some of the fruits of my labor during last Sunday's photo safari. We had 8 shooters come out and "explore" with us. It was a lot of fun. CLICK HERE to see the rest of my gallery.
  6. I voted for TLH to JFK and Dulles respectively. Although I think Delta's failed TLH-JFK run may be an ominous sign. If they couldn't fill a regional jet of 50 or 70 seats, they're not going to fill Jet Blue's larger jets. You have to consider Jet Blue's fleet... Airbus A320's seat 150. Embraer 190's seat 100. They are going to need a market that can fill at least 80% of the seats per flight. A Washington run may be more likely as there is a lot of government, lobbyist, and business travel between the two capitals. I personally average 3 or 4 Washington trips a year. I know many state employees who do it almost monthly. Be hopeful of the future though... a BIG trend amoung aircraft manufacturers and airlines will be to build a cross between regional jets and full size jets. Expect planes that still only seat about 70 - 100 people, but have a little more space and comfort. They will have under-wing engines and longer ranges. With these new aircraft in 5-10 years, I could realistically see enough demand for a regional carrier to fly one daily non-stop from Tallahassee to: Raleigh, Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinatti, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Detroit.
  7. A group of phtoographers, amateurs and pros alike, will be gathering this afternoon for a downtown Tallahassee photo safari. We are meeting at the Vietnam Memorial (giant flag) at the corner of Apalachee Parkway and Monroe Street at 5PM. We'll roam around downtown from there for a couple hours taking pics of whatever catches our eye. Afterwards, we'll grab dinner and drinks somewhere. All are welcome. Simply show up at 5pm or track us down somewhere downtown thereafter.
  8. September 17, 2006 St. Marks Wildlife Refuge & Lighthouse St. Marks, FL
  9. Beware Atlanta travellers! With the opening of the new 5th runway in May, ATL has closed one of the previous four for resurfacing. The airport, FAA, airlines, et al have had a real hard time coping and there has been a lot of delays due to GROUND traffic! In fact, my flight from TLH to ATL on Friday only took 45 min in the air, but took 50 minutes to reach the gate after landing!! The return last night wasn't AS bad, but it was 10PM...
  10. Just because a plane can land here doesn't mean the airport is equipped to handle it... Right sized jetways... Baggage unloading machines (container-type)... Passenger loading/unloading capacity... security screening capacity... ticket counter capacity... etc etc I took a semester on airport design at Embry-Riddle... I knew it would come in handy some day. P.S. we can't take credit for it... but we predicted the replacement of ticket counters with self-serve kiosks 10 years ago. Other time-saving concepts we came up with like off-aiport baggage checkin at hotels and such as taking shape in areas like Orlando. Makes you wonder if we were just on the same wavelength or if someone stole our ideas.
  11. What I could not figure out from looking at their website is if you are limited to those cities as just departure points, or also destinations. If you could leave Tally and go anywhere, that would make a HUGE difference. Their website shows all the potential future "dayports." Pretty much every airport in the southeast is on the list. I find the "per seat" concept interesting... where you only pay for your one seat, and not the whole aircraft. Now, what if you are the only one making the trip... how can this be profitable to them? Curious what the State's policy will be on using them over commercial carriers.
  12. A small hotel is a good idea... Not that I expect people would want to stay there if they had business in town. However, it would be a great location for flight crews to do their overnights, business travellers who are scheduled on the 6AM crack of dawn flight, or stranded passengers that need to wait until the next day to catch the next available flight.
  13. August 29, 2006 Ready for Ernesto including visit by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff State Emergency Operations Center, Tallahassee See more... http://www.floridadisaster.org/gallery/index.html
  14. Right on cue... "I just got on I-4 and it's a freakin' parking lot! Get me off this thing!" A "fair" alternative to I-4 and International Drive is Universal Blvd.
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