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  1. It seems to me the press always underscores the progress North Carolina towards improving rail infrastructure. North Carolina has dozens of downtown's, educational facilities, jobs centers, and population centers located along its rail corridors. I envision North Carolina's towns and cities from Raleigh to Charlotte will have access to high speed rail, high frequency intercity rail, and commuter rail within 20 years. Then people nationally will finally take notice of the progress NC has made.
  2. The current section of I-40 through Greensboro can not handle the added traffic associated with re-routing. The only way I see it working just to entertain your idea would be to sign the loop as I-685, add multiple electronic signage that includes the travel times to the I-85 I-40 split and recommends the use of I-685 for traffic headed to Charlotte and Atlanta, and finally the control cities for I-685 while headed eastbound on I-85 would have to say Charlotte, Atlanta. I-785 through Greensboro was a great idea but we will never see it happen now. The money it would take to get that highway up to interstate standards would not justify the cost. Imagine rebuilding almost all of the bridges, adding 6 foot shoulders, closing interchanges such as Florida St,modernizing interchanges, building service roads, sound barriers, NIMBYs, the list goes on. I will admit I am guilty of thinking what might have been had some serious thought and investment been considered. If you read earlier in this topic i mention some of these.
  3. When the section of track from Gibsonville to Mebane gets double tracked its going to be a complicated and expensive project.
  4. The southwest loop is a waste of taxpayer dollars for so many reasons. The state had it right years ago with the proposed routing of I-73 near the coliseum. US 70 should have continued along Wendover Ave all the way to High Point, and US 220 should have continued along Freeman Mill Road. This would have left I-40 and US 421 through Death Valley. The money that went towards the southwest loop including its complicated interchanges could have modernized the death valley area. I wonder when I-73 will become official all the way to Asheboro?
  5. Urban Outfitters is actually searching for management postions for Friendly. On all the job sites I've seen say the store will open around Winter 2009.
  6. Agreed but Greensboro's outer loop is within 3 miles or less the road its meant to ease congestion on at all points travel south from any business 85 or business 40 exit. To me the loop is almost redundant. Having lived in Charlotte for awhile I can tell you that alot of Charlotte residents will use that portion of the outer loop being that there are large residential and employment hubs (University City and the Lake area) at both ends. Truckers will also be able to use the new route and avoid using city streets. I think the importance of I-485 is oftentimes under rated by people who don't live in Charlotte. Harris Blvd is one of the most heavily travelled roads in the state and as of now there is no equivalent to that road as far as rush hour conjestion in the Triad.
  7. I think people from the Charlotte area do have a grip. I-485 from I-77N to I-85N was more important than the Southwestern Loop (OLDNEW 40/I-73/I-840). Think about it, NCDOT has built a 6 to 8 lane freeway with all the bells and whistles just avoid fixing a 2.5 mile section of highway. We are all well aware of the improvements made to I-40 in western Greensboro. Whats done is done...simple solution rename the old section of I-40/I-85 to I-740 since suddenly this section is good enough to remain an interstate despite a new one being built.
  8. Any segment of the loop can have be designated as being part of the loop as long as it ends at a major US highway or Interstate. For example I-540 was designated as such as soon as it reached US 70
  9. Nice idea! too bad US 29/US 70 could not be signed as I-785 due to two at grade intersections with stop lights and a substandard design throughout its entirety. I-785 from through Greensboro is a good idea, I liked it better when the old plans were for O'Henry BL to be upgraded to I-785...oh well.
  10. The whole issue I have with a costly rebuild of that section between Randleman Rd and the US 29 interchange is the whole purpose of the Greensboro bypass was to keep interstate traffic flowing through the Greensboro area without NCDOT having to reconstruct the death valley interchange and modernize that section. I said all along that section should have been reconstructed similar to Durham's I-85 rather then building a southern beltway especially after I-40 was widened past Four Seasons Mall. That section was the state's 3rd busiest strectch of interstate and with that amount of traffic pouring through daily the area surrounding the freeway could have drawn businesses and retail capitalizing effectively revitalizing the area. Whats done is done now so my thoughts are the Patton Av interchange along with the improvements mentioned earlier would go a long way towards making this section up to interstate standards without wasting a large amount of taxpayer dollars. To further clean this area up, I would route US 70 along Wendover Ave through completely Greensboro. I would sign the route as I-40/US 29/US 421 Preddy Freeway (PTI--Winston-Salem). I would install more electronic message boards to alert people about road conditions giving them an option on which route to take through Greensboro. The Greensboro Beltway would be signed I-685 completely around (ATL-I-285, CLT-I-485, GSO-I-685).
  11. Earlier in this thread I mentioned the significance of the decreased traffic due to I-40 being along the beltway. Whats ironic about the whole thing is that having I-40 being routed along its original route will lead to death valley being reconstructed anyway. There will always be a traffic jam and numerous hazards where US 29 (O'Henry Blvd) intersects I-40 due to the poor design of the interchange. For a simple fix i would create an exit at Patton Ave for traffic headed to and from MLK, this would allow NCDOT to close those dangerous on and off ramps from MLK. With the new interchange at Patton Ave the whole I-40/US 29 interchange would run smooth and be safe without the costly rebuild involving the whole area to be reconstructed. (1 flyover from US 29 South to I-40 East would be nice though )
  12. So are EMUs out of the question? Hopefully we'll see the rail line from DC to Charlotte electrified someday and a catenary built for this system could the catalyst for that to happen. I do realized the high cost of constructed such a system but the benefits of having stations close together coupled with the acceleratrion speed of EMUs could benefit the Raleigh-Durham area. Just a thought. Is the system in Austin similar to TTA's original proposal or is it more of a commuter based system?
  13. Personally I like HTIB study and the idea of commuter rail along the NCRR. This is similar to the vision I have had for this part of NC since I moved from NYC. Commuter rail would serve Alamance County commuters well. There are alot of large abandoned and lightly used warehouses some dating from the late 1800s which could be revitilized and used for TODs. As gas prices go up and people grow tired of their commute, I can see many people heading to DUKE and UNC hospitals, RTP, and Downtown Raleigh boarding at the Burlington, and Mebane stations (Graham should be included). Also People in the Alamance County would have excellent access to Elon, Elon Law School, UNCG and NCAT. The whole University Road station concept is cool except for the fact there is nothing there at the moment. When I look at the Blue Line I notice only 2 peak hour trains will travel past West Durham, I am assuming the other two travel all the way to Greensboro.
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