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  1. Behind the 7 Eleven on Atwells, across the street from the old GE plant, where the aluminum shelter with the graffiti American Flag on the side used to be. What is going on there?
  2. Judging by the mob that showed up at CCRI for Michelle last week, if the man himself is coming to RIC tomorrow I should probably be able to hear the chanting from my front porch.
  3. Seelbinder ...said plans also include a rehabilitation of the train depot's facade. Seelbinder said the old depot building is considered so decrepit that it wouldn't be worth renovating. However, he said the agreement states the building should stay up for at least the next five years. Moreau said the train depot has been abandoned for 47 years and is an eyesore. ... [and indicated that] plans for a commuter rail stop north of the depot will bring even more commerce to the area. So the fix is in? How far along in the planning stages is the Central Falls stop to the north? What is t
  4. I'll be there one way or the other... plenty of special events this summer. The Tall Ships Festival in June is supposed to be the greatest one yet! Which month were you planning on Cotuit?
  5. Anyone else entertaining desperate offers of overtime from your boss right about now? Gotta find some way to get evening classes officially cancelled in Providence. Who's got pull at CCRI?!
  6. If its obviously abuse, Cotuit is right that you definitely need a woman to intervene, unless you are good friends with the girl downstairs. I obviously can't imagine what a bad feeling it must be like to be a girl in that kind of tough spot with seemingly no way out. Sometimes you just have to let it blow over or better yet - get the hell out of that place as fast as you can! Some folks are loud. Some folks drink too much... on days ending in "y." My cousin can tell you what happens when you try to make a difference... You call the cops, they come and ask the girl upstairs (or d
  7. If the structure is severely blighted and not properly maintained up to code, then the city should violate the owner. If its supposedly a $10M property then it should at least be kept safe and secure. Your first remark appears to be right on the money. Our new tower at 110 Westminster St. in Providence was originally planned to be residential upscale condominiums. Its since been redesigned to include a W Hotel with residential on the upper floors. Think about that. If the residential units you mentioned aren't moving, I wouldn't expect announcements about any new condo towers.
  8. Hello UP Hartford board members! I am from Providence and I work in the hospitality industry here in Rhode Island. I was visiting relatives in the area over the holiday and I read the Hartford Courant article on the front page Christmas morning concerning the former Clarion Hotel property. The facts in the article were pretty stunning to me, considering the building's prime location close to the waterfront and great highway access. So what should become of this place? Do you folks believe that the City of Hartford should (take a chance and) take the land and the building by Eminen
  9. So I'm sitting there watching the Patriots game today with the live pictures of downtown Boston - 27 miles away from the stadium - and I'm thinking: "Why don't they send a guy with a camera down to Providence for a change?!" I know for a fact that the whole road crew uses PVD airport and RI hotels and other establishments when they do a game in Foxboro. How about some recognition?!
  10. How is it not a complete outrage that Central Falls made the decision to tear down part of a structure which sits for the most part on land which they have no jurisdiction over without communicating at all with Pawtucket or the passenger rail line operator. Big safety violation by the contractor, and whoever executed the demolision permit. Interesting that the issue hasn't really been in the news. The station proposal has been in all the papers this last year, of course Central Falls City Hall knew what was going on. It was time to set the plan in motion or nobody was gonna see any of
  11. Absolutely right! I'm all for eminent domain in this particular case. This property is a historical landmark in a very vibrant urban area, and would serve the community as a much-needed transportation resource. I used to live in Pawtucket, and I believe this is a critical project for future economic development and the ongoing downtown revitalization. It is worth saving!
  12. I think its over now though. Have the Mets even figured out who will start Game 7?! I want Detroit to win it all too. Those fans have suffered through some bad teams for many years. I like the Tigers against NY or StL because Detroit's got the pitching. Anyone try any of the pumpkin beers this fall? I had the one from Blue Moon which you can get anywhere and it was kinda not bad. I've heard there are better pumpkin brews out there - anyone have a favorite?
  13. Here come the cans! I thought I read somewhere that Mt. Pleasant was supposed to get 'em next year, maybe.
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