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  1. Interesting point. You may be right, but I work with politicians as well and it is also about making the electorate and the supporters happy. That is why we hope to raise expectations. It has to be sold as more than a CC. In this case, fortunately, many of our politicians have already stated that they want more than just a big box.
  2. Not sure what you mean by without the real meat and potatoes of the convention center. That's all there as well.
  3. Hi Hankster, Do you mean beyond the basics expressed at the MCC project site: Some of the other features in the concept include an innovative interior circulation pattern, a massive hall, extensive use of "glass house" structures on the plaza, and a massive skylight. I recommend you take a read of the MCC thread on the NC if you want the background of what went into the concept. It includes some floor plan concept renderings showing where the underground hall and other convention space could be located.
  4. You guys are too kind. I am proud to have had a supporting role to the great work done on this project. Hopefully, Nashvillians all will demand a great CC.
  5. Actually the hotel is across the street. The hotel is not part of the official MCC site proposal, and thus is not part of our concept plan either. FromParkAveToTN is correct in that the slope is used to place the hall, which is the full size called for, below ground. As we say in the press release, we are not advocating any particular architectural style; the style used in the concept is to make it easier to interpret the space.
  6. Impressive list. It will be interesting to watch it change and grow. BTW, I checked on the Stahlman. They now have a site up, and it appears that they are still leasing rather than selling. Stahlman
  7. I had not heard that. Do you have it on good authority, because I find it hard to believe.
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