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  1. Latest update: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/GVSU-Dev...html&st=340 Anyone think that Burger King would take $2.34 million?
  2. Anyone out there that went to the finale think that Rick Devos' nonchalant style actually caused the announcement of the winners to be somewhat anti-climatic? He didn't play into the anxiety of the crowd...a few strategic pauses could have done wonders, and maybe even some passion/excitement in his voice. Too nonchalant for my liking. Overall though, ArtPrize ROCKED!
  3. I received an e-mail yesterday from the business school stating "the tentative schedule for occupancy is fall semester 2012."
  4. Wow! Just getting back from several hours out and about and I am just stunned at the electricity downtown on a Wednesday night. There had to be 500 people plus in the parking lot of the BOB. Several open galleries on Division were packed. Wow! It is a good day to be a Grand Rapidian!
  5. From what I understand, there is significant more funds needed for the library and the new downtown building.
  6. This story was on CNBC.com for the past two days (no longer on the main page): http://www.cnbc.com/id/32801030/site/14081545
  7. Not sure why I called it the DeWitt building...Anyway...I think we can all agree that it is a pretty dilapidated building and the city would be well served to have GVSU expand downtown. Yes, they have a lot of parking lots, but I would think future expansion would bring about more parking garages like at Winter/Lake Michigan. I think eventually we will see fewer surface lots for the school on the downtown campus. The GR Press Article suggests that they do not have a location yet, but I have heard from about 4 people that the Cell Phone Building is the location. I suppose we shall see!!!
  8. Cat is out... Announced at the Seidman Memorial service today. Richard and Helen DeVos have given a significant gift to the school to build a new business school building downtown. Building to be named after Seidman. Location to be behind the gas station on Fulton, razing the Dewitt Barrel building. Size is unknown. WooHoo!!!
  9. Rumor has it that there will be a big announcement soon...
  10. Yes, second behind UM from the standpoint of % of students with a 3.0 GPA or higher. See page 4 of this GVSU Accountability Report This report provides some great information (sometimes shocking - see page 22 to get your blood up a few degrees). If you have a few minutes, check it out.
  11. A few photos that I took yesterday from about 1,000 feet. Downtown from the SW (Riverhouse over wing): Approaching downtown from the East: Just NE of the downtown: From the West: Northwest Neighborhood (between Bridge and Fulton):
  12. Medical Mile from about 1,000 feet. The view was amazing!
  13. Flouridation getting us some exposure in Chicago: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationw...0,6241215.story
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