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  1. My sister in Colorado complained to me it was 85 today. WIND CHILL took it down to 82. Something like 10% humidity. I hate her.
  2. It appears our South American tropical rain forest weather is over for awhile. Nice cool air moving in. I have mosquitoes. I've never had mosquitoes before.
  3. The snow that wasn't. We sure missed the bullet on this one.
  4. My Mustang convertible is sitting in the garage begging to be driven...sigh.
  5. Ate lunch there last week. My cheeseburger was a little dry and pricey. Cheeseburger and coke $12.00. My friends lamb burger was raw, I mean raw, and she had to send it back. Won't be going back.
  6. Nice today and I finally have all the limbs and a couple of trees cut and stacked. In driving around Fayetteville it appears that every single house on every street has limbs and debris stacked about 10 feet high, truck loads worth. Very sad to see. I wonder if we'll ever get this mess cleaned up?
  7. More trees and limbs down at the house due to that storm last night. What's next week locusts?
  8. My power went off again today at 2 and just came back on. Friends in Springdale power just came back on after being off since Tuesday. Maybe things will get back to normal by the weekend.
  9. I still have power but it keeps flickering. Still have limbs falling. I noticed stores are out of milk and lines at gas stations. This is nuts.
  10. They said on the news 150,000 or so are still without power. The problem is they are afraid to charge the substations because there are still plenty of down lines and fallen poles. Watching channel 5 news and their very cool live web cam drive around, historic Fayetteville looks like a bomb went off.
  11. Power was out from about 2pm yesterday to about 1am this morning. All I could hear last night was crashing limbs and the snapping of trees. Very eerie. 15 degrees and light snow this morning. Everything is coated in 3-4 inches of ice and snow. All of my trees have limbs down. At least we have buried utilities and don't have to worry about stepping on a down line. The view from my patio door
  12. This tree in my backyard just fell on my house. Luckily there's no damage to the roof. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?
  13. River birch tree in my backyard. Everything is coated in ice.
  14. Give me snow anytime! I hate ice. I was in south Arkansas in 93 when we got 3" of ice and was without power for weeks. It was awful. Now the weather guys are calling for over 1 1/2" of ice followed by sleet and we may have "thunder ice" tonight. The grocery stores are running out of things and total chaos. Already one killed and the ASP has lost count of the number of accidents. And it's only 6pm. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?
  15. As I was driving down College the other day from Rock Street to Joyce I noticed how many businesses had closed. You drive a highway every day and don't really pay attention to things I guess.
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