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  1. Ate lunch there last week. My cheeseburger was a little dry and pricey. Cheeseburger and coke $12.00. My friends lamb burger was raw, I mean raw, and she had to send it back. Won't be going back.
  2. As I was driving down College the other day from Rock Street to Joyce I noticed how many businesses had closed. You drive a highway every day and don't really pay attention to things I guess.
  3. I have a feeling it will always be referred to as "Sixth Street" by the locals. Like I-540 being called "the bypass".
  4. Saw the plans for Crossover from Mission to Springbodia. 4 lane, landscaped divider, bike lanes. Oh how I would love to see that for College Avenue.
  5. Read in the demozette today a new blues club is opening in Fayetteville on Razorback Road south of 6th Street tonight. WOO HOO! Real music!
  6. Know what I really like? After being gone for a while and seeing downtown from I-540. That is a great view and let's me know I'm home.
  7. I want a Jack in the Box! And a REAL Carl's Jr instead of Hardee's. And In-n-Out Burger.
  8. I hate driving down College Avenue and School St. It's bumpy, ugly and seems out of place in the new revised Fayetteville. I would love for the city to turn that into a landscaped Boulevard, with a concrete divider instead of the suicide lane. Mercury vapor traffic lights in the center divider so you can actually see where you're going, and bury all the utility lines. It has the potential of being very beautiful...with a pricetag of several billion dollars, and a decade of construction but still the thought is nice. I would be happy if they just repaved the thing.
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