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  1. bwithers1

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    The River North project for the area between the Cumberland and I-24 north of Spring Street (along Cowan) will very much be like a riverfront Gulch if developed as proposed.
  2. That would be great. There is a lot of good renovation work being done to the exterior. I wish that I would have taken some before-and-after photos of that stretch of Gallatin by my house from Seymour to Sharpe. Many of the actual buildings are the same as ten years ago but appear or will appear completely different.
  3. I wish that this one would hurry up! It's a strong design that will frame Main Street nicely. It will introduce some positive street activation in an area that currently experiences some disturbances in the gaps. I would imagine that adding these guests to Main Street could also help support Smith & Lentz as well as the new Urban Winery that opened nearby. The south side of Main Street is coming along from a retail/restaurant perspective but the north side of the street could use some more help.
  4. Ironically, that "shoulder work ahead" sign creates visibility issues for cars trying to pull out from Tillman Lane onto Porter Road.
  5. I don't get to post on this board as often as I used to. Has the proposed LaQuinta on Interstate Drive already been covered? Here is the link There are a few areas of District 6 that could benefit from some investment. The perimeter of the Nissan Stadium parking lots is one such area. This parcel roughly aligns with Boscobel if one were looking through Edgefield toward the downtown skyline.
  6. Thanks, @AronG, I have been working with Public Works on this one at Eastland/Chapel for a while. Given some challenges from neighbors, this signal had actually been dropped from the Public Works project list and then I had to work with Public Works to resurrect it and get the design completed. My biggest priority was to continue the bike lanes through the intersection. I advocated early on for removing the vehicular turn lanes, which have really congested the area, and I was pleased to see that the traffic study supported that kind of a redesign, which is largely returning the street to the way that it was before the turn lanes were introduced. There is not a lot of room to work with right there, but some of the modest sidewalk bulbouts will help to give pedestrians at least a little bit more room. I have a very detailed traffic study report for this traffic signal and crosswalk, but it is many, many pages in length. I am also looking forward at some point to seeing the sidewalks constructed on the south side of Eastland from Wild Cow restaurant over to Porter. I had placed that block on my short-list last year, and it was funded but has not yet been scheduled for design work. I believe that retaining walls will be required since the sidewalks will cut into the hills in those yards a little bit. But it will be helpful to have the bus stop be on an actual sidewalk. @AronG This plan for adding on top of the former Fat Bottom Brewing space was presented at a recent ChamberEast meeting.
  7. These parcels are included in the Cayce Redevelopment District and in the Envision Cayce Master Plan. But detailed planning for properties such as these cannot proceed until such time as they are acquired by MDHA. The mulch yard on South 5th that backs up to these properties, as well as several of the apartment complexes along Crutcher/Glenview, etc, are still privately owned even though they are included in the Redevelopment District and the overall Master Plan. Does that make sense? This is similar to the CWA properties along Shelby that were part of the original Master Plan but were not owned by MDHA until an acquisition a few years ago. I believe that a separate SP will be required for these properties for design detailing similar to what was done for the Kirkpatrick Park block. Similarly, the Explore! Community School elementary building is now proposed to go at a currently vacant site at the NEC of 7th/Lenore rather than behind Martha O'Bryan and adjacent to Kirkpatrick Elementary. The Middle School part of Explore! will still go next to Martha O'Bryan. Similarly, the plans for the community amenity campus area are shifting slightly and may now include housing as well as civic uses. Some plans are shifting slightly but the general concept of the Master Plan remains consistent. The acquisition of these parcels on South 6th that can be cleared and redeveloped relatively quickly to construct and open up new housing units for tenant relocation is likely to move up the calendar for other phases of the project by a year or more.
  8. This project was contentious when it was proposed because of the extreme degree of density increase -- the community plan had to be changed to permit that many units/acre -- that this project entails. The placement of the parking garage entrance/exit far back onto tiny Tillman Lane was also a concern for neighbors in that portion of Eastwood and Rolling Acres. But the project's architect did a good job of incorporating some design elements that should help it to blend in better with the historic cross-gabled typology found in the historic homes in the area than would be the case with more angular/boxy contemporary stylings. Some of the Planning Commissioners specifically referenced the design of this project as a basis for their support. I do have to laugh at the bucolic setting that is sketched in the above graphic, which in no way resembles the very urban streetscape that is increasingly characteristic of that stretch of Porter Road.
  9. A shell permit was issued. My understanding is that there are still some departmental reviews that are required for this proposal.
  10. No, this is an administrative HQ building only. The Central Precinct will remain in place for downtown, or at least most of the inner loop exclusive of Germantown, Hope Gardens and Buena Vista. The present precinct map can be found here You are correct that precinct coverage areas are pretty large, and so creating the Madison Precinct to help relieve North was beneficial. The same is true for the creation of the Midtown Hills Precinct a few years ago. But yes, it would seem to be the case that the Hermitage Precinct will continue to cover the area between Lafayette/Murfreesboro Rd and the Cumberland River until or unless a new precinct is added in the quickly growing Southeast Davidson area which might allow some of the precinct boundaries to be redrawn.
  11. Young's Fashion purchased that property around the first of the year with the intent to move there from their current spot on Gallatin/Greenwood where the new Hill Center is proposed. I presume that Young's Fashion will be constructing a new store on this site where the recently demolished car wash used to sit. Keep in mind that the Gallatin Road UDO does not require buildings to be constructed up to the street, and this property sits outside of the redevelopment districts. So I will be interested in seeing what the new structure and site plan looks like.
  12. A few comments in italics.
  13. That is correct. Piedmont is installing new gas lines along Davidson Street starting at Glenview/Crutcher (where 7th becomes Davidson Minor) and then along Davidson Major into Shelby Park. A new gas regulator (not compressor) station is being installed in Shelby Park adjacent to some other utilities. This project was approved by the Metro Parks Board in June 2016 Piedmont will be responsible for installing screening and planting trees, etc, in Shelby Park. Connected with this project, a new gas line is also being run under the Cumberland River and will continue through the industrial area on the south side of the river to a location on Spence Lane. The good news is that the installation of this new line and regulator station will enable Piedmont to maintain or improve gas service in East Nashville and will also enable them to remove some equipment that exists in other spots in the East Nashville area. Here is a link to some more information about the Piedmont projects in the Davidson County area that include the East Nashville project
  14. Quite a few old buildings and businesses along Main & Gallatin have been bought and repurposed already or there are plans in the works. The owners of some of the others are waiting for the right price before they will sell. Quite a bit of the 600 block of Main is owned by Christian Paro who has done adaptive reuses of so many of those buildings, save for First Baptist Church of East Nashville and the auto repair shop on the corner of 7th, and the latter's owner so far is not interested in selling. In the 800 block of Main, the former East Nashville Cooperative Ministry is now a Hot Yoga studio, new townhomes were built, and Holiday Jones Boutique Hotel is looking to break ground later this Spring, and across the street the former Bank of America building is now East Side Station, which includes restaurants, bakeries, a dance instruction studio and a church. In the 900 block of Main, the entire Fluffo complex is being adaptively reused or on the Woodland side demolished and rebuilt as an office building. The former "Juice Bar" at McFerrin is now some sort of boutique clothing store, Atta Boy craft cocktail bar is going in behind that on McFerrin, and the Edgefield Sports Bar building is being renovated to include the offices for Pfeffer Torode Architecture on the Woodland side. Smith & Lentz Brewery is in place of the old Worm's Way on the north side of the street and the Amplify Apartments are open. On Main past McFerrin the former Horner Rausch building was bought by the Baker Brothers and new businesses are going in there. Another nondescript building was turned into Five Points Cocina Mexicana, and a new restaurant is going in the former Hunter's Annex. The former print shop at McFerrin was purchased by one of my Eastwood neighbors and is doing a great business. Koi restaurant is in a former cinderblock building that was repurposed. The AirBnB hotel (over which my reservations are already well known) is in the works and the owner of the adjacent vacant property still has long-term plans for the site. The actual Hunter's Complex adaptive reuse has been announced already. At 10th, the former hair salon (I think that's what it was) is now East Side Smiles dental office. On Gallatin between Gartland and Ordway, Calypso Café is located in a former Payless Shoe Store, and the owner of the Mrs. Winner's building lives in the area and is still looking at some long-term plans for that site. From Ordway to Calvin, Sherwin Williams and Bar 308 occupy a former auction house. Dino's has changed hands and been renovated (somewhat). From Calvin to Stratton, lots of new businesses are occupying a complex that once included a transmission shop and other uses. Fuselage is apparently moving and Café Lula closed, unfortunately. We'll see what replaces those businesses. At Gallatin near Petway, the Baker Brothers purchased the former tire shop and Alvin's Car Lot and are planning to convert the tire shop into office/retail space for lease. The former car repair shop at the NWC of Petway and Gallatin was supposed to be turned into another gourmet burger restaurant but those plans appear to be on hold. From Petway to Granada a former warehouse space is now a business incubator of sorts that includes a gallery/theater space, among other offerings. The former O'Reilly's Auto Parts Store turned into a Hair World before being renovated and turned into Mister Hats and a physical therapy business. From Granada to Sharpe, Holt Brothers Flooring was renovated to be the new home of Hardaway Construction (which moved up the street from 615 Main), the former 12 Gauge Audio building is new a juice store, the corner retail building is now Spot's Pet Supply and other businesses, the former Young's Fashion is now two restaurants, and a former adult video store is now Spot's Doggie Daycare. The glass shop building owners may be looking at selling, but may be waiting for the right offer. The entire block from Sharpe to Greenwood is being radically transformed by H.G. Hill Realty Co soon after zoning is finalized later this year. From Greenwood to McKennie the Walmart store is being turned into a self-storage unit with new retail, which will complement the small businesses in the historic fire hall. At Douglas Ave the former Mac's Gas Station was renovated dramatically to be Tower Deli. Young's Fashion on the H.G. Hill property is moving into a former car wash next to the East Room, if I recall correctly. Most of these changes that I have listed off the top of my head have taken place within the last five-to-seven year timeframe. That's quite a bit of renovation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings with some new buildings coming along as well, and all going along Main/Gallatin from 5th Street up to the old city limits at Cahal. There is a bunch more happening out at least as far as Trinity, although there is a bit of a momentary lull between Trinity and the railroad overpass. You are right that there are still plenty of opportunities on Main and Gallatin, and in many of these cases there may be long-term leases in place or the owners may have certain price expectations that the market has not yet matched.
  15. bwithers1

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Given the terrain of East Nashville and depending on the height of the wheel, from this spot on the East Bank a rider at the top of the wheel could perhaps see both the airport and Opryland in one direction and a nearly perfect straight shot down the Broadway canyon in the other direction. That's not a bad view by any means.