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  1. Thanks to Mayor David Briley for providing funding that will enable construction to begin on this project as well as Boscobel IIIa in Envision Cayce.
  2. Hey, it's East Nasvhille's Lynn Taylor!
  3. @smeagolsfreeThat's basically what I told NewsChannel5 yesterday. Cumberland Park isn't going anywhere. Bridge relocations aren't going to be approved by Metro, TDOT or TDEC for that matter. And the Titans get first priority for any new construction since they are the incumbent tenant with a long-term lease. The team owners need to look at the PSC site, LOL!
  4. Berry Hill appears to be requiring sidewalks for new developments but still allowing them to be built with utility poles blocking them in some places. What a waste!
  5. Yes, the area east of there between 8th and the Interstate is part of the Woodland-In-Waverly Historic Preservation Zoning District. The HPZ Districts are the more restrictive type, such as for Edgefield and Germantown. The map of that area can be found on page 11 of the design guidelines document https://www.nashville.gov/Portals/0/SiteContent/MHZC/docs/Design guidelines and HB/WIW Design Guidelines revised 10_2017.pdf. There are no historic protections on 8th Ave South itself. There is a Conservation Overlay that was recently applied to a portion of the Waverly-Belmont area between 8th and 12th. The map is contained on page 13 of that design guidelines document https://www.nashville.gov/Portals/0/SiteContent/MHZC/docs/Design guidelines and HB/Waverly-Belmont 2017.pdf.
  6. We had that program but it still did not attract the private investment. And then the State Legislature preempted our affordable housing ordinance. So please go back to the State with that idea. The plan announced today does indicate that an avenue that is being explored for the private-sector challenge would the potential creation of an affordable housing Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).
  7. Any transit plan will have to include extensive public engagement about what kind of transit options are desired and where, then the preliminary engineering has to be done, then an accounting firm has to verify that the proposed dedicated revenue stream will fund the proposed engineering and right-of-way acquisition to build the system and then to operate it. Then that accounting firm's report is reviewed by the State. All of that will take several years to meet the State requirements in the IMPROVE Act before a ballot referendum can be sent to the Davidson County voters. That process may likely take longer than the four years of the next term that will end in August of 2023. That is Mayor Briley's point: can all of the above be completed before August 2023? Perhaps. Would it be likely to receive voter approval if Metro also has to raise the property tax rate during that period in order to fund the government's and MNPS's operating budgets? That's a much higher hurdle. It's not that transit discussions and planning are going to be placed on hold for four years. But having a plan in place to send to voters for approval in a referendum vote before August 2023 may be possible but with limited prospects for success. Whatever plan gets sent to voters the next time really needs to be able to pass. Rushing it but having it fail would cast a deep shadow over future regional transit planning prospects.
  8. I commute down 4th Ave South to Berry Hill each morning. If drivers see the train in time, they tend to turn right at the cemetery and go around Ft. Negley Boulevard to Chestnut. Then they either go east into Wedgewood Houston to get to Wedgewood or go west on Chestnut to 8th/Edgehill to continue going southbound around the train. But if you get stuck at the train tracks at 4th Ave South you are going to be there a while. That train tends to be a long one.
  9. 815 Main Street: still preliminary. There is a BZA hearing scheduled in February for sidewalk ordinance variances that will be required due to the narrowness of the lot.
  10. The Board's discussion was that the move of Hillwood High School to the new Bellevue location placed it much closer to and/or a shorter commute for most of the students who use the school.
  11. The Metro Historic Zoning Commission staff have already conducted studies to determine which buildings in the Music Row and Midtown areas are historic individually or as part of a district. A couple of years ago the property owners of those buildings were surveyed about their interest in adding local historic zoning protections to those buildings to prevent them from being demolished (other work and even additions can still proceed). My understanding is that all or most of those building owners declined or refused to add such local historic zoning protections to their properties.
  12. Yes, I work on Melrose Ave and there is quite a bit of construction activity taking place between Melrose and I-440. This particular building site does have some pretty stunning city views.
  13. The River North project for the area between the Cumberland and I-24 north of Spring Street (along Cowan) will very much be like a riverfront Gulch if developed as proposed.
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