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  1. My apologies. Space looks really good, and so far, it doesn't look like anything has been VE'd. Kudo's to Hugh and progressive/design +
  2. I bet it comes very soon. The reason for the renegotiations of the lease terms IMO was for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. New holland makes a lot of sense, seeing as the restraunt/brew space is huge. Sure it will be a different concept, hope its not too close to their primary location.
  4. Has there been any news about the brewery other than it was going to be delayed? I didn't think it was being "fousted" on what it was going to be, if it went in. If its the one I've heard, seems like a bit of a strange choice, but maybe the concept would work.
  5. Is the devos/secchia urban marketplace along the riverfront a reality yet? That'll really open up some new options for downtown commerce.
  6. When ALGT announced service to LAS they ran the headline - "New carrier to come to GRR." Apparently they have a flair for the dramatic
  7. Must have come to the realization that the spire was a whole lot of money for a needle sticking into the sky. It's too bad that is going away, it would have been cool to see something that high up in the skyline.
  8. The terminal looks a little out of place. If i remember correctly, they're going to do some updates to the area where old meets knew, but there is no current plan to renovate the very dated looking terminals.
  9. Allegiant has had 3-4 charters a month coming in and out of GRR the past year or so. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for that MD-80, from Tunica, Al.
  10. They had very limited service out of LAN, but yes, they're moving it from LAN to GRR. LAN is going to be nothing but a cargo airport at it's current rate.
  11. http://www.allegiantair.com/aaNews/aaNews20081110a.php <---- press release.
  12. AirTran is in a definate growth model. They have a better fleet, and service more cities. But, maybe if one comes in, it'll pave the way for another. The GRFIA used to not work with carriers to reduce terminal charges and fees, but I think they've relaxed that policy. Watch for NWA to start matching routes, and slashing fares, to try and drive the new LCC out of the market. I wish Southwest would move in. Southwest services some small MSA's, like Providence, Rhode Island, but not Grand Rapids.
  13. Well... unfortunately WOODTV is speculating it will be Allegiant, based on clues they uncovered this weekend. Why do you say "just not allegiant." We have the 4th highest average airfare of any airport in the country, i'll take ANY LCC at this point.
  14. I heard a new carrier at GRR would be announced Monday. Any guess who it'll be?
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