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  1. And the downtown market director/president used to work for the city of holland and probably knows those guys well. Probably a pretty good bet. Maybe we should wait for the official word. :) (Suzanne Geha)


    I bet it comes very soon.  The reason for the renegotiations of the lease terms IMO was for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Not to ruin the party, but anyone willing to bet that it is not New Holland?  I am beginning to sense a trend that many of the merchants will be opening branches of existing businesses. I hope we get some new concepts in the market as well. 

    New holland makes a lot of sense, seeing as the restraunt/brew space is huge.

    Sure it will be a different concept, hope its not too close to their primary location.

  3. I'm eagerly awaiting the brewery announcement. This place opens soon!

    Has there been any news about the brewery other than it was going to be delayed?

    I didn't think it was being "fousted" on what it was going to be, if it went in.

    If its the one I've heard, seems like a bit of a strange choice, but maybe the concept would work.

  4. Exactly. Have it go all the way to East Beltline (or at least to Plymouth).

    HDVCH has now released new renderings of the building without the spire. They also have a floor-by-floor breakdown on their site:



    Must have come to the realization that the spire was a whole lot of money for a needle sticking into the sky.

    It's too bad that is going away, it would have been cool to see something that high up in the skyline.

  5. How did you catch that?

    I saw an article earlier about Capital City Airport volume at a 20 year low, and now I can't find it. I would say with Allegient moving their operations here, there's a better chance they're here for the long term (no matter what NWA does). Does anyone even see Northwest trying to undercut them with the financial upheaval in the markets lately?

    Ah, here it is (buried in the article):


    Allegiant has had 3-4 charters a month coming in and out of GRR the past year or so. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for that MD-80, from Tunica, Al.

  6. Yeah, what's the difference between AirTran and Allegiant? The kinds of planes they use? Service? Connections?

    AirTran is in a definate growth model. They have a better fleet, and service more cities.

    But, maybe if one comes in, it'll pave the way for another.

    The GRFIA used to not work with carriers to reduce terminal charges and fees, but I think they've relaxed that policy.

    Watch for NWA to start matching routes, and slashing fares, to try and drive the new LCC out of the market.

    I wish Southwest would move in. Southwest services some small MSA's, like Providence, Rhode Island, but not Grand Rapids.

  7. Airtran would be nice so would jet blue or southwest. just not allegiant. This is good news as the airport has been loosing passengers as airlines and destinations have been leaving and the fact that there is NO lowcost carrier which keeps the average ticket price among the highest

    Well... unfortunately WOODTV is speculating it will be Allegiant, based on clues they uncovered this weekend.

    Why do you say "just not allegiant."

    We have the 4th highest average airfare of any airport in the country, i'll take ANY LCC at this point.

  8. In our industry we have to come up with solutions, and bid on potential work. We get the work maybe 10%-15% of the time. We spend countless hours "trying" to get work, but if we bid something, and don't get it, we don't complain.

    I don't understand why the design industry is any different. If many firms want the work, why don't they come up with some concepts and present it to the owner?

    If i'm the owner, I don't want to pay some guy to come up with something I hate. I want to see it first.

  9. The steel has started to go up on the Med School.

    I haven't sifted through all 115 pages of this.

    Has anyone commented how disappointed they are with the Lemmen-Holton cancer pavalion? Driving westbound on 196, i think the thing is substantially underwhelming. I know I made a remark a long time ago about the choice of "rock" and looking pedestrian and suburban, sure enough, the finished product looks suburban.

    Anyone else not really liking the new digs?

  10. I disagree. While GRR is small, I wouldn't call it an embarassment. I fly a lot, all over the world, and I think we've got a nice little airport. Will it get larger? Who knows. But it isn't dumpy.


    Come on joe, every other airport has nice terrazo floors, high ceilings, and a decent food court.

    We've got rubberized tile and carpet, low ceilings, and a joke of a food court.

  11. I concur.

    We're flying to Ft. Myers in March. DTW was only $40/ticket cheaper than GRR.

    For $40 I'll drive 8 minutes in a friend's car, wait in line 15 minutes to check my bags, get through security within 10 minutes and stay sane.

    Flying out of DTW and ORD (or even MDW) just isn't worth that cost difference.

    Sure if the difference was more, I'd think about it.... but for that cost-difference, GRR is a total bargain.

    GRR is an embarrasment compared to other airports, it definately looks like with the last B terminal upgrade, they went for the cheapest possible solutions.

    We need to accept the fact GRR will never handle more than 30 operations/hr.

    I love the airport more than anyone, but its just not built for being bigger.

  12. Airline merger could be opportunity

    Do people agree that this merger might open up competition and might allow other airlines to get into GRR? I'm thinking the opposite might happen (fewer choices).

    I don't know enough to know how these mergers would work, but in the end, the costumer always loses.

    NWA would keep DET and MSP open, likely close memphis as a hub? Delta would have to keep ATL... I wouldn't see much changing from that standpoint.

    The arguement about increased competition with LCC's is misguided. Every time a LCC comes in, the Legacy's match the route, and undercut the fare, why would it be any different if they merged?

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