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  1. Not the greatest picture (it's 6/10th of a mile from the viewing area to the ramp), but it's gone vertical, don't know if the ramp is still on schedule, but I imagine with the nice weather lately, they're on track.
  2. Our 737-500 from ORD to GRR is about full already, for the first week in Feb. GRR is terribly underserved. Everyone including the airlines know it, they just don't care.
  3. Thanks for the update. Hopefully the stone cladding doesn't get value engineered out.
  4. I recently bought tickets for GRR--->LAX, for only $20 more than flying out of Chicago, or Detroit. I was amazed by the cheap fares I found. I wonder if the recent study had anything to do with it, or if the airlines were just planning pricebreaks for the time i'm flying out.
  5. Does SMG manage the Devos Place? This looks terrible.
  6. I wonder if 30% is big enough for the airlines to do something about the leakage. Recently Koslosky was said to said to say Airports need to support themselves (meaning, he and the board wouldn't ask for a subsidy in the form of a millage to support lower fares), he also said he wasn't convinced other airports were doing their best to get off of the subsidy wagon. I can't say I blame him, tax payers shouldn't support an airport, but then again, if we need to be competitive with the other airports, and they subsidize airfare, isn't it only logical we do it to? I just have no idea what the answer is... If Northwest, United, et al., are allowed to do what they've been doing, i don't see a change in the foreseeable future
  7. I saw those, they look absolutely terrible. It's a disgrace consumer's is putting that there. It can't be hidden any better?
  8. Don't know if it was mentioned, but the Hotel going up is a Hyatt Place. Looks nice and cookie cutter.
  9. I hope they have the huge cover charge, loud music, and over priced drinks again. That'd be sweet.
  10. Is that the old blue bridge ventures proposed site?
  11. I completely missed that article last week. Hopefully with a shiney new ramp, we'll get a few more flights in and out of GR - It's pretty sad that during the middle of the day, you're lucky to see 2 jets at a gate at a time.
  12. I heard they're going to go ahead with the low bid on the project, even though it was above their estimated costs. According to those I spoke with, the airport was unreasonably low on their budget numbers, taking too much off for "a slow construction climate."
  13. I've got the footprint roughly 1200x400 (1.9million square feet for 4 floors), not including the main street, and not including the helix. This thing is absolutely massive.
  14. Now if we only had more flights, and a low cost carrier. http://www.mlive.com/news/grpress/index.ss....xml&coll=6
  15. Our experience in Ada is tons of clay. http://www.gis.iwr.msu.edu/net21/ssurgo/kent/kent.html -- soils map
  16. GRR was voted as the worst regional airport from US news and World Reports... The food selection there is terrible, flights are often delayed, and the shocker to me, 78% of flights are booked full. With a number like that, you'd think more flights would be offered.
  17. I wonder how far up the faux fieldstone is going.... Interesting choice.
  18. I don't even care about the lay overs, I just wish they could make the prices more competitive, and it seems like the only way to do that is what most regional airports do, subsidize the airport. Somewhere in this thread it says GRR has some of the highest gate fees in the country. There's no incentive for airlines to expand service here if the prices to land are outrageous, and people are more than willing to drive to DTW to fly out, to save $500. The chamber was working with local business leaders to work on a plan to reduce airfair, and get a low cost carrier in, but it has been put on the back burner.
  19. I think it's nice that they're updating the facade, and building a giant parking ramp, but our airport is still a sad, depressing, looking airport. We need to upgrade the old terminal (B?) and subsidize airfare, so people don't drive to DTW, or ORD to fly out.
  20. Wonder why that list doesn't list the healthclubs or haircut/salon places DT...
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