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  1. If this is a star wars reference, isn't it supposed to be padawan?
  2. I'll put a few more on the flickr GR page, but their mainly the same. I knew i saw the photos of that somewhere in the past few days, and it was haunting me! Must have been when i was at the integrated architecture office. Thanks golscorer!
  3. I love the shovel GRdadof, it's my favorite thing out there! Does anyone know what this building is, it's in hudsonville, right near i-196
  4. Have you seen the billboard on i-196W between market and the 1st grandville exit, that is just of a red-star. I wonder if it's related. Says nothing, just has a red star.
  5. I thought I read somewhere that GR is about maxed out as far as sewer goes for parking lots and streets. Do you know where they stand regarding? Hopefully we can attract some interest in pervious concrete for the water runoff issue.
  6. Imagine how much more it'd do for the city if they put H and M, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, and the like downtown, rather out in suburbia. Plus, who'd want to live on a parking lot - i'd never buy a condo there.
  7. Are you saying the rich son of a rich west michigan man was incompotent, and said son had zero business acumen, experience, or talent, and was only there because of who his dad was... Yeah, nice idea - lets have a $2,000/person VIP section, so me and my other trust fund friends can have an area to look down on the common people, and then lets charge $8 cover, and have overpriced drinks. Yes, the management was terrible, but so is the idea of a loud "trance" club.
  8. How many students live in the apartments there? You'd think that would have given them a leg up. It was an awful environment there, nobody liked it, that's why it failed, more so than the location.
  9. High end trance style clubs don't go over well. See "The stack."
  10. Great work GRdadof3! It seems like nearly everytime i go downtown at night most of the surface lots are full, all of the free spots are full, and people are streaming into the ramps. I cringe when i have to pay $8-$10 to park, with no suitable alternative.
  11. Duh - I should have remembered where you worked!
  12. Rhymes with? Or where did you hear this interesting tidbit... Or what building is it going in?
  13. Don't forget about Memphis. Wonder what their ridership is.
  14. Their age demo is males 25-38 or something, but they are the most listened to morning show in Grand Rapids (arbitron data supports that.) Someone did bring up the idea of drunk driving/bar hopping, but it'd only be useful if the streetcar went by their house, otherwise, they'd still have to drive home.
  15. They just don't know "why" it'd help. They just want someone to say how it'd spurn development. Maybe call in and mention the permenance of street-cars versus bus stops.
  16. And to think, those are new builds. You've gotta hope they dress them up a bit at the end. Wow. I was saddened to see MORE business closing on plainfield - like the 7/11. How the heck does a 7/11 close?
  17. In trying to find info about service expansion, i found this article. http://www.rstack.com/citytrans/citytrans.html I think it's old, but there are no dates on it, kind of interesting to see someone's viewpoint on expansion.
  18. Didn't a Devos buy the Olds mannor building? And don't the DeVos's own the Rampage? I can see why they'd feature one of their buildings, empty or not.
  19. GRR isn't subsidized by mils like many other smaller airports are, but I still thought GRR had low landing fees, maybe thats why the gate fee is so high, to offset the landing fee. "GFIA is managed and operated by an Executive Staff comprising the Aeronautics Director, Deputy Aeronautics Director, a management team representative of the airport's primary functional areas, and a 120+ member Department of Aeronautics staff. The airport is financially self-supporting and requires no funding from property taxes, general funds, or special taxes. Airport operations and improvements generate local net airport revenue, rather than consume valuable tax dollars." And why would adding gates lower the fee? It's not like they don't have enough gates. If you go there at any given time, there are 10-12 gates wide open.
  20. There's a flagstar there now? Or are you talking about the new founders trust on E. Betline and Grand River? I look forward to seeing it tomorrow morning. Hopefully your enthusiasim won't have me let down!
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