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  1. I meant we as in me and you, and GRR. http://flightaware.com/live/airport/KGRR Times listed are about 8 minutes off, BTW, for security.
  2. Sparky my friend, the FedEx's are a310's, we have some a320's some a319's, a bunch of DC-9's, and yes, a few 737's and one 757-200. It's landing at 9:02 tonight! It is a united from ORD. I don't know if it is just for the season or what, but it has landed 4 nights in a row! It's UAL490 ftr. And a boatload of Gulfstream G-V's. I love how Alticor created a company called G5 leasing, and leases all of its G5's out to Alticor. Brilliant!
  3. I was under the impression our Chamber of Commerce was working with area business leaders to subsidize a low-cost air carrier, i don't know if it stalled, or if it's still in the works, but it would be terrific to have southwest fly here 4x a day or something, but like i said before, I don't think we fit JetBlue's demographic at all. We've had 757's coming in at night from united, which is encouraging, biggest thing that is getting landed there on a regular basis!
  4. We'll never see JetBlue @ GRR, unless we really blow up in the business world, we don't fit their business model. I agree with the US Airways though, it'd be great to see them back in GR. They have a lot of flights to the carribean, through their hub in Charlotte (which is an awesome airport.)
  5. Southwest shorted the market at the right time with regards to fuel. They're still buying oil at 40$ while everyone else is nearly double that, that is the way they've been so successful. Those contracts expire within the next 2 years, and then they'll have to play on the same field as everyone else. Conversely, they have used the money for good things, like capital expeditures, they have nice airplanes, don't do the traditional spoke and hub, and pay their employees well. Take a look at American Airlines, super-old fleet, union and employees and management all on different pages, use the spoke and hub methodology, are expensive to fly internationally.
  6. Someone pointed out the arrow in the FedEx logo to me the other day, now when I see a picture of the truck, i have a giant moment of DOH! Because it's so obvious!
  7. Is this in relation to the work that is already going on out there, or above and beyond that?
  8. I was going to guess down ionia, but I was near the Plaza towers, and do remember them doing brickwork just like that yesterday.
  9. I think Big Bob's has a better chicago here than Uno's does. I also agree with the gioradonno's sentament, i love that place. We need an original house of pancakes! I love that too!
  10. The wife and I usually go to the urban mill/its a grind on sundays before walking around DT. I agree, the amount of people really has picked up. I think it is terrific to walk through the amway and see tons of people there for a convention, or other business, that clearly aren't from Grand Rapids!
  11. Nearly every time I went in there it was empty. But I really did enjoy the food. Sad. BTW, Real Food is awesome! I love the eggs benedict.
  12. I can imagine a nice exotic applebee's or chili's in there!
  13. One of those guys was featured in Wire Magazine... I like strictly progress pictures, some of the artistic pictures are hard for me to get into.
  14. Go White! I always get sad when I drive on division, and I see the building with the MSU west michigan sign in it, and wished MSU has more of a presence in GR... Its nice to finally see some things start to happen! Next thing would be to get a large Ag station in one of the surroundning communities, closer than Fennville or clarksville.
  15. Board of Trustees approved the expansion today. Next is looking for locations.
  16. Its the sculpture infront of the plaza towers building on the river. It was supposed to have a water feature, but the DEQ didn't approve it ? http://www.sculpturesitesgr.org/sculpture_...id=8&location=2
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