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  1. Jaybee


    There is a new press release on the Mills Park site:
  2. Lymmo expansion to Parramore recieved a grant from US DOT today for $10 Million... see page 32 of this Link.
  3. ...and you weren't interested in this? Downtown Signage Districts
  4. Jaybee

    Amway Center

    The idea is the ability to close down Church street during events, so it can be utilized as plaza space to the entrance of the Event Center... and it's protected from the sun being on the north side of the building.
  5. Jaybee


    There are no plans to put LRT through Taft... the preferred alignment spoken of for LRT is positioned along the Sand Lake Corridor and then goes through the Universal City property after it crosses the Turnpike in a south west direction, linking up with Canadian Court (or whatever it's called now) in the vicinity of the Convention Center. But, considering CRT's problems, I'm not holding my breath for LRT along that corridor. And the CRT/LRT corridors through Nona and Innovation Way are a pipe dream. After all, the first DRI at Innovation Place is screaming to do conventional development. What's the point of providing that infrustructure; additionally, the medical city at Nona isn't exactly urban (well, maybe the medical school). Nemours, Veterans and Burnham are not urban - the routing of the LRT is an afterthought in the design. Clearly it's an auto-dominated area.
  6. Jaybee


    THe whole point is, there won't be a stop for someone to get off of HSR and make it onto the local Sunrail System. Sure, it might come close, but these two systems are in two separate vacuums as currently designed. It's funny how not a single soul has yet to point this out - either in the HSR or Sunrail camps.
  7. Jaybee


    The question remains, where will HSR and Sunrail interface?
  8. FYI: There's a rumor the Orlando Brewery and Brick and Fire are planning on a new joint venture in the old Albertsons building at Orange and Michigan. Details to follow soon, I imagine.
  9. Jaybee

    The Plaza

    Here's a picture of the front of the plaza... there were two valet stations off to the right, and a full house of folks under the tent in the center. They had the eastern lane blocked off exclusively for the valet.
  10. Jaybee

    The Plaza

    Well, it was Wine-O Wednesday at Urban Flats at that time... there were tons of people there.
  11. Jaybee

    The Plaza

    Hmmm. 4 hours later and the sign has moved up 10-feet.
  12. Jaybee

    The Plaza

    FIND A GOLDEN TICKET AT THE NEW DOWNTOWN MOVIE THEATER Feeling lucky? Be one of five golden ticket holders to win a year of free admission to the new Plaza Cinema Caf
  13. Jaybee


    For Immediate Release Contact: Justin Harclerode May 7, 2009 (202) 226-8767 U.S. Transportation Secretary Confirms Federal Commitment to Commuter Rail Washington, D.C.
  14. Jaybee


    The rumor is that the SunRail is on life support in Tally-o.
  15. Is anyone going to the "Taste of Mills 50" this weekend. $10 gets you in to this food festival in Vimi at the Cameo Theatre (the "Cruises Only" building). See www.mills50.org for info.
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