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  1. How well is The Grand Bohemian doing downtown anyone know?
  2. My understanding is the arena will beak ground in August is this right?Anyone have exac t date?
  3. Just wondering is there any renderings what this is supposed to look like when finished?
  4. gumpking1

    55 West

    Do you all think this will hurt TT from going forward?
  5. I agree that spire is too short
  6. gumpking1

    Amway Center

    Ive got it you guys will love this how about "HARRIS ROSEN ARENA"
  7. Man what an effort you put into this.Thank you very much.These are some of the most amazing photos to date.Thanks again!
  8. Looks like this guy has been eating too many meals at micky D'S How many stories?
  9. I wish Rosen would say goodbye this guy dont give a damn about us poor folk here in this area
  10. This is my very favorite of all tje pic thanks redstar
  11. gumpking1

    55 West

    I like it too.I especially like it from i4 east bound at the 408 the density is awesome!
  12. Yeah so long O'native.Is this something just came up i thought you were buying in the TT.Anyways even though i never met you i always enjoyed ur post.You tell it like it is brother .Good Luck!!
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