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  1. I noticed that also. They removed the trees that were there so maybe replacing them with larger planters?
  2. The Bridge St Sparrows has a sign on the door “Closed until further notice”
  3. Walked by Jolly Pumpkin this morning and there is a sign in the window saying they are hiring.
  4. I drove by the site last week and the "coming soon" sign was gone. Now it is just an empty lot with no sign.
  5. The small white building (former gas station) is gone...... 1 down 2 to go.
  6. It looked like elevator equipment on the trailer when I walked by.
  7. There is some work or at least something happening inside. Until recently when I walked by and looked in you could see the chairs stacked on the tables but Friday when I walked by they were gone and it looked like there was some minor activity going on inside. I didn't see anything happening on the outside however.
  8. Wasn't the original plan to have the market renovation done this year? Did it get pushed back or cancelled?
  9. Wish they could have used an updated video showing River House condo building completed since it was done in late 2008. Otherwise great commercial.
  10. I happened to talk to a person that rents there and he told me that there are problems with the windows so they are being replaced. He said from what he was told that when it is all done it will look the same as it did before.
  11. I just walked by the crane on Monroe and there are a couple of dumpsters behind it.... I think the crane is for the reroofing project on County building.
  12. Convention and Visitor's Bureau promo video shoot
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