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  1. On the topic of parking, I read WOOD TV8's article regarding these plans and most of the Facebook comments were complaints about parking. One person even wrote "GR needs more, not less, parking."
  2. Very true. The April 1990 census had Grand Rapids at 189,673. The July 1999 estimate had Grand Rapids at 185,005. So, supposedly a loss of 4,664. The April 2000 census had Grand Rapids at 197,800. A gain of 8,127! And now Newsweek is relying on the April 2000 census and July 2009 estimate to proclaim that Grand Rapids is a dying city?
  3. The problem is, the Allendale planners can only enforce the new rules on new developments. Note that all of the new businesses, housing developments, apartment complexes, etc. do have sidewalks.
  4. Hackenwerth's artwork is bizarre, but I like it. I can see something like this in a front window display in Grand Rapids:
  5. More talk of GM moving its HQ (although, not necessarily to Grand Rapids). GM CEO Fritz Henderson says tasks are large to avoid bankruptcy, leaves open possibility of moving headquarters out of Detroit
  6. Link: In a World Short Of Oil, Provisions Must Be Made
  7. Okay, I understand what the problem is. At wikipedia, the figure of 602,894 is based on the old definition of the MSA. The old MSA only included the Parishes of Ascension, East Baton Rouge, Livingston, and West Baton Rouge. The population of the old MSA was 602,894 in 2000 and 632,758 in 2005. Respectable growth (4.95%), but not huge. The new MSA (after the OMB redefined MSAs after 2000) now includes the parishes of East Feliciana, Iberville, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, and West Feliciana. The population of the new MSA was 705,973 in 2000 and 733,802 in 2005. Again, not huge growth (3.9
  8. According to the 2000 census, the Baton Rouge CSA population was 729,361 (far higher than the 600,000 you quoted). According to 2004 estimates, the CSA population was 750,619 (a bit higher than your figure). According to 2005 estimates, the CSA population was 756,998. So, population growth from April 1, 2000 thru July 1, 2005 was only 27,637, or 3.8%. That is far from being one of the fastest growing metros under 1 million people. In fact, out of the ten parishes comprising the CSA, six lost population and two others gained less than 100. Ascension Parish and Livingston Parish had phenomen
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