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  1. The interurban as I believe it was called, ran to Hendersonville and Gallatin from downtown Nashville as a commuter trolley service.
  2. Actually, it is not MTA but RTA that is the parent of the Music City Star.
  3. Well, Gallatin does have Volunteer State which has more students than Lebanon's Cumberland in spite of being a community college. Gallatin also has a very "urban" central part of the city...even if it doesn't look like it, it shares demographic trends with larger cites like Clarksville. Two cities I didn't see mentioned in this article were Hendersonville and Mt. Juliet which both have commuter van service to Nashville provided bt MTA. There are no interior lines but they do have public transportation for M-F commuters.
  4. I don't think they are planning on killing the other legs even if this one isn't wuite what they expected. Hendersonville is planning a huge lifestyle center around its station and I don't think they would create a mall around a train track if they weren't fairly sure it was coming. I believe that by ridership, the Sumner line should have been first. I-65 is hands down the most congested interstate in Nashville and Sumner Co. sends the most workers into Nashville for work.
  5. I personally think Nashville has a better community feel than Charlotte but whatever. It isn't light rail anyway, it is commuter rail.
  6. We can build this commuter rail system on such a cheap budget that I don't see why we should have turned it down. Even if it doesn't work initially it will be here for the future. Hendersonville and Mt. Juliet are already planning major developments around their stations. That is something.
  7. We didn't require much Federal Money for this since it uses existing tracks. They did approve 13.8 million for the project already. I would assume we will have to ask for more federal money for the additional lines in the future.
  8. The first line is under construction right now and will be completed next year. And as for development both Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville currently have HUGE retail/residential lifestyle centers planned for their Stations.
  9. I think the Lebanon line will do ok, but we won't see real results until the Hendersonville/Gallatin line is complete. I understand why this part had to be first but the commuting numbers and patters of Wilson County don't support the need for rail as well as those of Sumner County. Sumner sends the largest raw number and percentage of workers into Nashville for work and residents also have to travel the most jammed interstate in the area.
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