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  1. Crossroad, I was in exactly your position recently. I just moved to Memphis in August (from San Francisco). I posted on this board asking the exact same questions as you - and I'm also young and single, moved here by myself. I would not suggest buying right away for the same reasons as hgupta - you'll probably want time to get a sense of the different parts of the city and where you would be happiest before you commit to buying. I started out by renting and I'm really glad I did. Most people suggested midtown to me too, and I actually ended up downtown instead of midtown. (I would not even consider living anywhere else). It's true that midtown is a bit funkier and more diverse than the rest of memphis. But when I came here to look for apartments, I felt really depressed driving through midtown because it felt like a suburb to me (with the exception of cooper-young - but cooper-young is TINY, more of an intersection than a neighborhood) Not as bad as East Memphis, but still - stuff is spread out, lots of parking separates businesses from roads, there's not a lot of people walking around. So I ended up renting a place downtown because downtown is the ONLY part of Memphis that feels at all like a city to me (and of course, if that's not a major issue for you, then you can discount this post entirely...) It's the most walkable part of Memphis, there are actually people around, it's denser, businesses and residences are right up on the street. I never had a car before I moved to Memphis and it was important to me to preserve as much as possible a pedestrian lifestyle - it's clearly not possible to live without a car in Memphis unless you are truly heroic, but at least when I'm not driving to work or the grocery store, I can get to all kinds of places on foot, and I really appreciate that. I often never get in my car at all on weekends. But downtown doesn't seem as diverse or open-minded as midtown - so it's a tradeoff. I wish there was some perfect combination of both.... I'm not sure where you're moving from but I'll also mention that I was really apprehensive before I moved here, and while I miss SF, Memphis isn't nearly as bad as its detractors would have you believe. S
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