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  1. Two events going on this weekend EGR Clothesline Art Festival Easttown Bizarre Bazaar. Both are free to attend.
  2. Another is outside of D&W in Gaslight Village.
  3. As a licensed establishment I would say the primary reasons for this are training and liability. How will you verify age and if the customer becomes intoxicated how will you address this? I think as aprivate club you used to be able to allow "members" to BYOB, but you were then regulated by the state.
  4. We actually looked at leasing the space next door to our old location prior to moving here. That building was quite old and our landlord really wasn't prepared to invest money on upgrades. We actually had to close there twice because it was raining in our kitchen. But I understand what you mean, that is a great neighborhood there.
  5. I know it's not Easttown but our place is on Croswell in Gaslight Village. Full bar/no smoking. I don't want to look like I am trying to advertise but I would put my pizza up against anyones.
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