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  1. MAntoniazzi

    The VUE

    Now this is a problem i didn't think i would have all the way up here! WASPS attacking my balcony and bedroom windows!!!! HELP!!!! haha this is happening in the mid 20's west side of the building.
  2. Ate there once. BURGER was good!! also had a couple of my friends go back a couple times. Good things to say.
  3. MAntoniazzi

    The VUE

    Pictures look great!
  4. I have to agree. I do not like that at all.
  5. MAntoniazzi

    55 West

    The 55W sign on the north side of the building was lit up last night. It looked very nice. This plus what dynetech makes for a very nice night view.
  6. MAntoniazzi

    The VUE

    There is always going to be somebody that does not like it. I am also living in the building and can tell you that i have no complaints. With my lifestyle i prerfer to be in a condo and not a house. I moved from a house and have found that even with the association my expenses are a lot less now. I have been in and sold, multimillion dollar condo's in Miami and West Palm Beach and can tell you that The Vue holds its own. P.S. I run into quite a few people on a daily basis around the building and have yet to hear anyone say they are unhappy with their move.
  7. MAntoniazzi

    The Plaza

    Can't we all just get along????
  8. Yep, the sunsets are awesome. We got a nice Vue! You all moved in to your unit?
  9. MAntoniazzi

    55 West

    I agree i got a West view here in the Vue and i like seeing the buildings and i can see the disney fireworks from my bed. As far as the sun, thats what window treatments are for The sunsets are also very cool!
  10. MAntoniazzi

    The VUE

    Absolutely Beautiful. COngratulations. I will have to post some pictures once i close.
  11. MAntoniazzi

    The VUE

    The Cyber Cafe is ready, there are no plans to actually have somebody there at all times. It is pretty much a lounge. Pretty sweet actually.
  12. MAntoniazzi

    The VUE

    Great Photos and congratulations, When do you move in? I am on the 23rd but have yet to receive a closing date.
  13. I think it might be Sea World
  14. I am looking forward to the Saloon opening up. I haven't been to Cowboys in a while but that place seems to always get packed, I imagine the same thing would happen here.
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