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  1. This intersection was made famous by N.O. rapper B.G-13th Ward, Valence & Magnolia. This block is called Death Row because many murders/shootings have been attributed to this intersection. Arguably the most infamous block in America and New Orleans.
  2. Better yet, they could make the short trip to N.O. and play in the Dome.
  3. I'm glad N.O. didn't get hit by anymore hurricanes because Louisiana and New Orleans in general DO NOT NEED any more tropical storms. You mention "Katrina" anywhere in N.O. or Louisiana and people are shook. Ike is putting a hurting on Houston (where some of my fam & friends reside). Some downtown bldgs. got glass blown off, puddles are forming, it's craziness. I wonder what areas of Houston got flooded the worst.
  4. Interesting piece of history: New Orleans' Mardi Gras came close to being permanently eliminated due to a pregnant woman being shot to death during the celebration. This happened a few years back where some dudes opened fire and unfortunately the woman was caught in crossfire. New Orleans based rap group Hot Boys (Juvenile, B.G., Turk and Lil Wayne) coined their name from a real-life crew. The Hot Boys (Sterling, Dooney, Terrence and another dude) were notorious gangsters who ran New Orleans and when they were exterminated, the murder rate declined.
  5. A little fun to spice this board up: This is my favorite one I've done: Enjoy
  6. I feel that there. Also, parents need to take an active role in their children's lives. A lot of dudes wouldn't be on the block if their parents paid more attention to them. New Orleans' crime issue going away would be a bad thing even when it should be a good thing. Why? N.O. citizens have gotten so used to hearing daily shootings/murder reports on the news that if one day went by without a crime happening, it'd be weird.
  7. Man shot to death in New Orleans by The Times-Picayune Sunday April 20, 2008, 3:59 PM A 31-year-old man was shot to death in New Orleans this afternoon, the Police Department said. The man, whose name is being not being released until his family has been notified, was killed around 1 p.m. at the intersection of Overton and Miles streets in the Gentilly area. Third District officers found the victim with a gunshot wound to the body, lying in the street next to a vehicle. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died. Detectives learned the as the victim was exiting a vehicle an unidentified man approached on foot, opened fire and then fled . He was the seventh murder victim in the city in the last four days. Wow, the N.O. isn't even safe for rappers. In 2003, Soulja Slim got shot down in almost the same manner. I think NOPD is gonna try to go after B.G. because him and VL Mike did have beef. The murdered man is local rapper VL Mike, real name Michael Allen. He grew up in the 13th Ward, not too far from me.
  8. -Calliope Projects, Earhart Blvd. exit from I-10. You can see the Superdome and NO Arena in the background although not shown. -This is a hood spot I frequent. Great food here. It's on MLK Blvd, close to Magnolia, Calliope & Melph projects.
  9. CA, FL & LA have always been neck and neck in producing sports talent. Football is big in the South, it's like a rite of passage. There's only one CP3 and my N.O. people know what it is
  10. Look me (Derrick) up when you come to N.O. and I'll show you the REAL New Orleans; not the tourist-version but the hoods/projects and of course the tourist spots. You'll get a tour of the dangerous Uptown section
  11. richy-yea, the man's got serious skills. He'd breeze through the architectural program at LSU, Tulane or whereever he decides to go. dan326, you should do some internships to further your gift.
  12. Just curious dan326, do you want to be an urban planner or architect because you got skills
  13. For those of you who don't know, Mardi Gras is an unofficial holiday in N.O. Hardly anyone shows up to work and/or school.
  14. Our very own Mayor Nagin carrying a chopper:
  15. Gangs & drug dealers are smarter than that. With thousands of people who frequent theme parks, do you think they would be stupid enough to do their dirt on theme park grounds? Generally, they blend in with the crowd so as not to draw attention to themselves.
  16. Anyone who follows N.O. & Louisiana rap like I do has probably heard about New Orleans' rapper C-Murder's murder charge. He's out of jail but still has to face trial for the murder of a 16-year old in a N.O. nightclub. I don't understand these rappers at times, they have fame & fortune and still get caught up in drama. So far C-Murder is staying out of trouble and I hope he keeps it that way. Another N.O. rapper Lil Wayne might go away for a long time due to the recent drug case. In a way I feel bad for Wayne because he had nobody to show him the right way, but he has fame & fortune most folk would kill for and he throws it away being stupid. I hope he gets off but if he doesn't, maybe jail will get his mind right. Here's the article if you're interested in reading
  17. Championship Pop Bottles-This song is dedicated to LSU for winning the national championship. I bet this song is playing in Baton Rouge as we speak.
  18. Sometimes I can't believe how throwed New Orleans is, and I came up here.
  19. Technically, Houston is right on the coast. If I had to move to Houston or Dallas/Ft.Worth, I'd do it voluntarily because not only could I get a better-paying job for what I'm doing now, but there's bookoo stuff to get into in DFW & Houston. The only issue I have with Houston & Dallas is that they're spread out; almost nothing is within walking distance. You can't get around either city without a car.
  20. You got that right. I just shook my head. It's like the Saints forgot how to win, make it so bad this was a much-needed win.
  21. I can't believe people post on NOLA.com knowing most of the people there are morons. Your IQ drops 50 points everytime you read nonsense from NOLA.com. I would be more than happy to spend money in NOE.
  22. Funny you mention that, because you would have experienced the same thing in the Quarter.
  23. I could see myself hanging out over there. Looks nice.
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