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  1. New projects on the West Side

    It sold in a tax auction a couple years ago.
  2. New projects on the West Side

    Last I saw on that site was approval on plans from the city. They’ve had engineer types poking around over there as recently as last week. I've heard nothing of the deal falling through. In fact, pretty sure there was a sale of the parcel a while back (from Walt to North Peak folks). Maybe that was all premature and it never closed? EDIT - per city, it closed last March for $950,000. Pretty sure plans didn't fall through...
  3. New projects on the West Side

    I believe there is a glimmer of hope for coffee to return to the site of ill-fated Sparrows 2.
  4. New projects on the West Side

    Very sad for this news.
  5. New projects on the West Side

    Jolly Pumpkin is supposedly on track to open in the former Black Heron space sometime in March. Based on visible progress, I would assume that means late March.
  6. Warner Tower and Franklin Partners projects are the best indicator of where Class A is heading in GR. These are folks who know the market, have made money here, and are allergic to bad deals.
  7. There is demand, but not at Division & Weston. I think the ship sailed on that project and the next one envisioned for that spot. I’d expect a much less ambitious project at that site. But maybe not anytime soon.
  8. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    If you think GR or Michigan has issues (what area doesn't?), wait til you see the DC area. In DC, yes you have transit...and ridiculously high housing costs, and gentrification, and poor schools, and high violent crime, and high taxes. GR has issues, no doubt. But I've witnessed that it is, in general, a community sincerely concerned about solving those issues. Sounds like you just want mass transit. Enjoy.
  9. Looks to me like that Phase II tower is 16 stories...
  10. RFP - 201 Market

    It must be the merriest season of the year. I don’t generally find myself in alignment with your perspective (though I respect the consistency and knowledge you share). I was also ready to go full guns against some out of state interloper who tried to tell us what we needed when perfectly capable developers have been pulling us along for a decade and deserve preference for such a significant opportunity. But, just like you, I’m having a hard time coming up with a complaint with this plan. And it’s clearly the winner from what we’ve seen so far.
  11. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Has anyone noticed the price on the office listing for Warner Tower???
  12. New projects on the West Side

    Work has begun at the former Black Heron space.
  13. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Turns out my gut instinct was just a bad burrito. lol. Yes, I got bad intel. And I’m happy it was bad intel.
  14. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Call it a gut instinct. ;-)
  15. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    Who’s ready for The Rapid to lose 35% of funding? Millage is going down today. Probably 62%-38% ish. Expect the May request to represent a substantial increase.