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  1. RFP - 201 Market

    Yes? :-p Ok, I will step back from the ledge and put away the pitchforks.
  2. RFP - 201 Market

    Sounds like a suburban style apartment complex. No mention of mixed use at all. Sad.
  3. RFP - 201 Market

    Anyone know if there is a particular specialty for Flaherty & Collins or Redico?
  4. RFP - 201 Market

    I’ve heard information that would imply that very few folks here will be happy with the result. Hope I’m wrong.
  5. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Glad this got posted, too. Emily has some great perspective on this. She also runs a kick ass firm. Still waiting for any ‘official’ effort to move the needle on this. Even if it’s just to grab some positive attention for other relocation candidates...
  6. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    https://mibiz.com/item/25156-guest-column-—-an-open-letter-to-jeff-bezos-amazon-needs-grand-rapids Dear Jeff, Greetings from beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan! As one digital space CEO to another, I am writing to share one of the best decisions I ever made with regard to the health and success of my business. I share this insight in hopes that it might help Amazon attain the next level of success on its continuing march toward its fullest evolution. Of course, it seems that a lot of folks are writing you letters these days. Ever since you announced Amazon’s search for the home of its much anticipated HQ2, there has been no shortage of pleas for your attention. And while the major metropolitan hubs have had the luxury of feigning apathy, sure that their names will make the short list, it has been the calls from the “second-tier” targets that have been of interest to me. Eager to show their competitiveness, they have generally begun with a litany of economic advantages and differentiators, but often seem to pivot toward iterations of economic struggles and poor civic planning that could be remedied, seemingly, if only Amazon would come to town. This is not that type of letter. You see, I do not believe Grand Rapids needs Amazon. But I do believe that Amazon needs Grand Rapids. Twenty years ago, I realized that there was an unaddressed opportunity in the burgeoning digital space and I left the comfort of my more traditional career path to focus on building something that others couldn’t yet fathom. Sound familiar? Looking back, I understand that one of the best decisions I made in that process was choosing the location of my company’s headquarters. In fact, I’d say that the selection of Grand Rapids — and giving myself access to the people and talent of this wonderful city — was more of a blessing than I could possibly have understood at the time. I am continually amazed by the degree to which this city seems to simultaneously draw from, reflect and amplify the energy of its people. Perhaps nowhere else is the almost cliché concept of “Midwestern values” more palpable. Outgoing, positive and friendly, Grand Rapidians exude a “can do” spirit and embrace of life that is both empowering and contagious. Living and raising a family among these unique people has convinced me of the power of a community to will itself toward greatness. I have watched this synergistic energy guide and lift my business, the lives and destinies of so many I have come to care for, and the arc overall of the city itself. And the Grand Rapids area only continues to grow and thrive. Our business, community and cultural leaders are among the most collaborative you’ll ever see in a mid-sized city. As a community, we are taking early, vital steps to bridge the opportunity gap that so many urban communities face. Our schools are in the midst of a major transformation plan that is already showing incredible results. We have research, medical, manufacturing, technology and education sectors that are rapidly expanding. In any competition (in this case, for your attention), recognition and awards are often the measure of success. And, while the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan rarely seek this kind of outward acclaim, there are times when a growing din of applause from objective observers simply cannot be ignored. In the last year, Grand Rapids has seen an almost embarrassment of riches when it comes to those lists that compare cities on any number of bases. Although most city residents would balk at my using these recognitions as boasting points in this open and public communication, I believe that they stand as the appropriate testament to help prove my point to you — that you could make no better choice for the future of your own company than to select Grand Rapids as the home of your new corporate headquarters: Grand Rapids is consistently at or near the top of Forbes’ annual list of Best Places to Raise a Family, taking the No. 1 position just this year. This year, U.S. News & World Report listed Grand Rapids among the 20 Best Places to Live in America, citing (in addition to other factors) an exceptional quality of life, a burgeoning job market and net migration, a “booming” health care industry and “incredibly active” neighborhood associations. Also this year, Matador Network, a social network for travelers, named Grand Rapids one of the Best College Towns in America. In July, Headlight Data named Grand Rapids the Fastest Growing Large Metro Economy of 2016. Outside Magazine named Grand Rapids as one of the 25 Best Towns of 2017 and The Best River Town in America, concluding: “To have quality rafting, kayaking, fishing in an urban area, having it running right through downtown is not something many cities have.” In a true testament to the core values of our citizenry, Expedia named Grand Rapids as “One of 20 of the Greenest Cities in the Nation.” In summing up, Jeff, my own plea to you is NOT that you ride into Grand Rapids as a savior, delivering a new chance to a deserving city — but rather that you take a moment and consider bringing your corporate headquarters here to give your well-documented vision for the company’s future the best possible chance of becoming a reality. To this end, I would very much welcome hosting you in a visit. I would be thrilled to introduce you to many of the city’s corporate and civic leaders and to have you come spend time at our own corporate headquarters, where you could meet a representative sample of the people that make Grand Rapids the finest place in the country to grow a forward-leaning business. We could also, of course, avail ourselves in any number of the countless indie breweries that have resulted in perhaps our greatest honor, being named the Nation’s Best Beer Scene by USA Today! Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I Iook forward to your visit. Very best regards, Scott Brew Adtegrity
  7. RFP - 201 Market

    I believe the references to WeWork are 'oopsies' based on stealing content from the WeWork website. The entire 342 Market website looks half done.
  8. New projects on the West Side

    Heard that Jolly Pumpkin is confirmed for Black Heron site. There's also apparently a solid plan for Red Lion site. Both within 12 months.
  9. RFP - 201 Market

    Not sure we're too cool for a cluster of 12 story brown sided boxes there. Honestly, that would probably rank 'game changer'.
  10. I think you are accurately describing the motivation and planning behind this effort. They are trying something more than just putting new buildings in a neighborhood. They are attempting to address the structural barriers to economic success in the area (access to capital, education and job training, etc). It will be fascinating to watch this evolve as we learn more detail about how they plan to approach the issues. In the end, I hope they are successful.
  11. New projects in Monroe North

    My information is about the restaurant going into the Orion project along the river. I know nothing about the sailboat. And I can't share details because, according to those involved, 'it's not time for that yet'.
  12. New projects in Monroe North

    Yup, will be a great spot. Some serious talent behind it.
  13. Final portions of 'The Cube' coming down this morning. Harmony Hall looks like it's right next door to Rockford now!
  14. New projects on the West Side

    I was told today that the Meijer site will have 2 months of utility and foundation work before it goes vertical. And my speculation about Jolly Pumpkin was not tied to the Meijer/'super block' project.
  15. New projects on the West Side

    If I were to speculate, which is all I'd be doing, I'd think perhaps a better opportunity opened up for them in the same area?