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  1. As of TODAY, all the windows are now in on this project. I can't imagine the pro forma blood bath going on with this deal. Hope everyone survives.
  2. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but it looks like Meritage’s new breakfast/brunch concept is coming into the old Esquire hair salon on Bridge St. I suspect they will do very well there. https://morningbellebrunch.com/locations/another-location/
  3. Was just about to comment that the pace here has picked up significantly in the past couple weeks. Good sign.
  4. I admit to having the same reaction when I saw those 4th floor panels, @joeDowntown
  5. I don't have any specifics, but if you consider that this new development would be done by the owner(s) of the parking ramp, options may become more clear.
  6. Insert blind squirrel/nut joke here.
  7. This would not be good for my health.
  8. Such a great looking addition to the city. I'm glad they took the time to do this right. It would have been easy to put an underwhelming 4 story triangle of condos in there.....
  9. Drywall has been hung....even in units that have no windows installled. It really is a train wreck.
  10. Anyone questioning whether there are problems with this project should realize that this photo is from July 1. It is now September 4. You could take an identical photo today. Yes, a small number of people poke around each day. No, it is not closed to the weather. I can't imagine any serious developer is going to take this disaster over. They'd need to gut the interior.
  11. I suspect certain things are already paid for, and so they are progressing. Slowly. I'm no expert, but it seems unlikely to be good building practice to install drywall in a project that has not yet been sealed from the elements. Multiple window openings are still unfinished and not even covered to protect the interior from rain. I'm sure the storms we've had over the past couple of weeks have brought water into the units without windows. Many of those units have drywall hung. My understanding was that a small crew remained with the task of 'securing' the project. They've also been hanging cheap plastic in window and door openings, presumably to try to protect the interior from the elements. Trust me, this project is a disaster.
  12. Anyone hear rumblings of a reboot of the old Jade Pig condo project? I've seen recent mentions in private correspondence of a $30 million deal being considered for EGR...
  13. Thanks for the vote of confidence, @joeDowntown. I can't reveal the specifics of the conversation or claim 100% confidence, but the information came from someone who would reasonably have knowledge of the situation. Also, there's a chance that the Dadd's parcels get snatched up pretty quickly. But don't get too excited even if it does happen. Several of the West Side projects are...waiting anxiously for full absorption...to put it politely.
  14. I heard confirmation of my suspicions. The Red Lion project is stalled. Restaurant is no longer planned. Apparently the partners are not committing any more money to the project and it is in jeopardy of being abandoned. Also - Dadd's Magic Bus properties are officially listed for sale.
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