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  1. Wzzm is a joke. This project is still going to be a terrific addition to Grand Rapids. To anyone panicking about where this leaves us, I’ll just say... We’ve solved the major problem, which was people not wanting to LIVE downtown. That’s what changes the environment. It’s going to take a minute (probably a full economic cycle) for office to be doable. But we’re getting there.
  2. localtalent

    New projects on the West Side

  3. localtalent

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    That's a REALLY long haul for an RJ. But I love this announcement. Hopefully they're so jammed they switch to 737s.
  4. localtalent

    New projects on the West Side

    Dunno, there’s probably enough meat on that bone to get close. $30-40k/single family site would do it. Lol. This parcel reeks of suburbia. No way it turns into a sea of 2 to 5 story buildings. But that does beg the question. This parcel, where it is, current economy...what’s the best use? I’d love to hear opinions from folks on UP.
  5. Terrible experience with this switch. Canal St park spots have meter numbers that don’t exist in Motu. ParkMobile stickers are scraped off the meters, but no new Motu labels exist. Just a complete disaster. A totally unnecessary, self-inflicted cluster.
  6. So MobileGR is getting rid of ParkMobile as their tech partner for parking meters of June 21 and their 'replacement' (MOTU) isn't even available yet. I predict a cluster....
  7. localtalent

    Cable cars in GR?

    The big idea risk taker from an iconic local family that is behind them both.
  8. localtalent

    Cable cars in GR?

    Welp, the experts have spoken. Moving on, then... PS Grand Rapids is a terrible place to try to pull off a public arts festival, too. It’ll never work.
  9. localtalent

    Cable cars in GR?

    I’ll just say that this birdie is reliable and I believe something is percolating here at some level. There was way too much detail around it, including preliminary budget, potential funding sources, etc to have just been made up out of nowhere. Time will tell.
  10. localtalent

    Cable cars in GR?

    A little birdie tells me this is actively being studied. Anyone know more? And no, not streetcars.... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emirates_Air_Line_(cable_car)
  11. localtalent

    Hinman project - new 13 story hotel at 10 Ionia

    I can understand being disappointed that we won't have a new 40 story building to gaze upon, but those criticizing the 'value engineering' are really looking at it from the wrong end. The numbers have to work. Frequently in Grand Rapids, the numbers DON'T work. Why? Many will hate this, but it's because the rates people are willing to pay for 'Class A' or 'business hotel room' or 'downtown apartment' in West Michigan do not support larger scale projects. Want 40 stories? Then be prepared to pay $35/ft for office. Be prepared for $350/night rooms. Be prepared for $1,500 for a small apartment. Construction costs are up significantly in the past 10 years. Consumer pricing expectations have not risen accordingly.
  12. localtalent

    New projects on the West Side

    It sold in a tax auction a couple years ago.
  13. localtalent

    New projects on the West Side

    Last I saw on that site was approval on plans from the city. They’ve had engineer types poking around over there as recently as last week. I've heard nothing of the deal falling through. In fact, pretty sure there was a sale of the parcel a while back (from Walt to North Peak folks). Maybe that was all premature and it never closed? EDIT - per city, it closed last March for $950,000. Pretty sure plans didn't fall through...
  14. localtalent

    New projects on the West Side

    I believe there is a glimmer of hope for coffee to return to the site of ill-fated Sparrows 2.
  15. localtalent

    New projects on the West Side

    Very sad for this news.