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  1. I just drove by one of the holes being dug for a new mdian, and saw old streetcar tracks down in it -- right beside Paper Skyscraper
  2. Recently I put together a couple 'photo tours' for my websites about the area -- thought I'd post them here. Like yours, these are snapshots and intended to be so about life, buildings, people, and development in South End and Wilmore. I took most of these but some were sent to me by friends and neighbors as well. I've been really happy about how the neighborhood has been developing, especially that it's been keeping a unique and fun vibe. http://www.southendcharlotte.com/southend_photo_tour http://www.liveinwilmore.com/life_in_wilmore_-_photos We are about to be making a move within the neighborhood to a pair of bungalows on S. Tryon zoned business -- one will be our home, the other will be my partner Joey's business (a salon). We'll also have a vacant lot for a total of just under a half an acre total. The lot will his parking, our parking, and a huge veggie garden - we are fencing the back of all three lots in together since the salon doesn't need a back yard and we'll not need a driveway any longer to the back of our yard! A little urban farm in the heart of South End!
  3. I'm not sure what is holding back approval for Southborough - it isn't because anything is "wrong" with the project. I've heard it was related to the % of commercial in the project.
  4. ^ Don't be surprised if you do see something like this in uptown - like something Just like this - not certain yet but proposed
  5. South End Towns broke ground last week. 9 brick 3 level townhomes being built beside the Trolley Museum and adjacent to the Bland Street light rail station. 6 or 7 of the 9 are pre-sold - prices start at $249,000 Boulevard Company is also building 60+ brick townhomes at Church and Summit in South End - 1000 SF for $149,000 - there is a launch party for this next Thursday at Carraba's
  6. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/topstories/story/1165983.html Husqvarna is bringing 160 new jobs to the city, these little announcements that keep coming weekly are a nice change from a year ago when the little announcements weekly were of who was failing and falling and who was shedding jobs.
  7. Actually 2 of the 5 retail slots in The Tremont have been sold and occupied since the building was finished September 08. One houses a graphics and internet company, the other is the offices for the restaurant group that owns Mac's, Bonterra, Las Ramblas and a couple others. As for the residential there are only 12 remaining units of 45. There were a huge slow down in sales for the end of 08 and the first part of 09, but 11 or so sold over the summer and another 4 during the fall. 2 are under contract now. The tough part for Southborough is the lack of FHA approval which precludes a large number of potential buyers from being able to finance & buy. The lack of sales at The Tremont for a period was a result of that as well but the quick summer sales were a direct result of the FHA approval for The Tremont in May 09.
  8. I don't think that is what the club is, or what it is trying to be. The crowd is really more of the same crowd as Common Market, the guys from Black Sheep and Niche. The Dj's often play rock music, and a lot of them live in Wilmore and Southend. It is really an interesting mix of people, but definitely not "upscale" or "trendy" (unless that is currently trendy). It really is kinda artsy. They are having a really fun party tonight with n'hood Dj's
  9. Dharma is one of our favorite spots -- we can easily walk there, it's 3 blocks from our house. They've been steadily getting busier. Le Freq on Wednesdays had a good late crowd and there is a big crowd last night as well. Not packed, but steadily getting busier. I really like that it's there - southend has really become quite an entertainment hub, IMO, rivaling uptown and NCMF but with more organic and locally owned and run places. Amos' for live music, Dharma for a dance club, good ol' bar Gin Mill, Tavern on the Tracks sports bar, Common Market whatever laid-back, coming soon On The Roxx lounge and martini bar, Apostrophie Lounge, Tutto Mundo, Liberty Diner, probably more that I'm forgetting.
  10. I'd love to get a high-res copy of your skyline shot from Ashton for my website. If you are willing, send to [email protected] -- i'll make sure to give you full credit for it!

  11. My biggest fear from the Maine vote on gay marriage and California's Prop 8 is that the GOP will see gay marriage as a great issue to use in the midterm elections. Great way to bring out the angries and the ultra conservatives. They can't win on lots of other issues, but they've seen that these issues will bring out lots of these type of voters to the polls. Gear up for a big fight next year.
  12. I plead the 5th , but yes remember Mythos -- love that place. They had a sign at the entrance that said (not a direct quote) "This is a mixed club, if you have an attitude about this you are not welcome". I love the mixed aspect of Mythos, I have nothing agaist all gay clubs at all, but it isn't my scene and having a specifically designated mixed club was much more fun than just being one of the handful of us in a straight club. And it was real mixed, we'd be there with butch dudes, club kids, flamers and drag queens. I miss Miss Kitty
  13. The Frankie's building was Charlotte's orginal Shoney's in the 50's and 60's...my mom worked there in high school!
  14. Yes! Great old time basic burgers. All the fixin's you'd want like chili, slaw, etc
  15. I wish Luigi's well, but just can't understand why anyone would put a pizza place in a spot that has already killed two of the same.
  16. This is why we never go to shows there. Traffic just makes it not worth it. Now that I've been to and seen the NCMF ampitheatre I look forward to seeing some shows again. Big downside to this, no different that Verizon, for us is the outrageous beer and drink prices. I think we'd go often to see random shows if it weren't going to cost $50 for 5 beers.
  17. Very curious. I hope it's another cafe type place though I'd be happy with about any type of gathering place. Southend is really beginning to get a surge of new cafes, lounges, restaurants, and clubs. Last year there were a handful, other than the chain restaurants we had: Phat Burrito, Vinnie's, Tutto Mundo, 300 East, Liaisons, 1300 Tavern, Tavern on the Tracks, Jillians, Greek Isles, Gin Mill, Amos', Apostrophie. Now add in: Common Market, Dharma Lounge, On The Roxx, Napoleans Exile (really, thats the name??), plus whispers of a couple more. It's really shaping up to be a great varied district with lots of choices just outside uptown. Great American and International food, live music, sports bars, cafes, low-key bars, high energy dance clubs, gay bars, Hip Hop bars...
  18. They sort of did last year, but dug about as deep as one can with their fingernails.
  19. I'm pretty sure it was 10% -- I recall it was pretty heafty at the time but it was long ago. It was at least 5% but I do think it was the 10 mark.
  20. If you go from place to place no one says anything about where you've parked. I've never seen anyone enforce it either. The reason isn't so much the businesses as those lots and the buildings on them are owned by separate owners that the businesses lease from, not just one owner for the block. Thankfully we just pull our bikes up!
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