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  1. Hey guys, this isn't really my forum, but I just read that the Associated Press is declaring Jim Webb the winner of the Virginia Senate race over George Allen, handing Democrats a majority in the US Senate. Webb wins in Virginia, Democrats take control of Senate This of course comes after Tim Kaine's fairly convincing win in the 2005 Governor's race. Virginia has a reputation as being a very solid red state, having voted for Republicans in every presidential election since 1964. But I think it's too often lumped together with the rest of the South, while in reality it's significantly more moderate than say, Alabama. I've been to Virgina a bzillion times, and even lived in Alexandria for a few months, but don't know much about the state's politics. So do you guys think the state is trending Democratic overall or have the last couple elections been just flukes?
  2. I hate to rehash this whole thing, but I just don't understand why the state doesn't say - this is how much $$ we'll contribute, this is what kind of development we want - and then give developers a window to throw in proposals -then pick the most impressive one. I don't understand why they lock themselves into negotiating with just one developer.
  3. An interactive ESPN experience thing would be great. ESPN ought to do something for Hartford seeing as how it's based there (close enough anyway) Look at the CNN Center in Atlanta, it's become a major tourist attraction in itself. And ESPN has an infinitely higher cool factor than CNN.
  4. So, if this development is a flaming sucess, as a lot of us think it will be, does the state get any kind of return on its investment, aside from the increased tax revenue?
  5. Wow, great pictures as always Garris. The signage on Main St. is great. Garris, could you tell me the name of the restaurant in E. Prov on the water in your picture? I have a slight obsesion with any place that has a deck on the water. Thanks
  6. Here's the website for the Trenton development. I'm not sure how close it is to what's proposed for Front St. http://www.performatrenton.com/performa_003.htm I'm stunned this is going in to Trenton, which is still a very rough city.
  7. WBZ Channel 4, the CBS Boston affiliate, is opening a bureau in the Center of NH Trade Ctr in downtown Manchester. The station is hyping the new bureau, and a similar one in Worcester, in an effort to boost its lagging ratings. Remarkably, WMUR is the only network affiliate in all of Southern NH. Residents rely largely on the Boston and Portland stations for news.
  8. New Haven's New Skyline, Envisioned Story http://www.newhavenindependent.org/archive..._havens_new.php
  9. "College Square" Would Add Luxury Condo Tower Downtown Story http://www.newhavenindependent.org/archive...lege_square.php
  10. Front Street's Tight Bind http://www.courant.com/business/hc-haar091...tility-business
  11. This goof up at CNN last week made international headlines, but in case you missed it... Kyra Philips, the very likable daytime anchor at CNN, gets the award for most embarassing moment this week, thanks to an audio glitch which left millions listening in to her bathroom chatter with a colleague. Technical operators at CNN accidentally left Phillips' microphone on when she used the CNN ladies room during a speech the President was giving. Phillip's voice can be heard during "bathroom talk" with a CNN colleague in which she utters an expletive and says how much she dislikes her sister-in-law, before another colleague rushes in to inform her the mic is still on. Here's the video. It's a riot. http://www.wonkette.com/politics/cnn/cnn-l...ideo-197383.php Philips laughed off the incident by reading the Top Ten Kyra Philips excuses on the David Letterman show.
  12. this was nice to read as I was enjoying my 2nd cup of the day Coffee's bad rap People attempting to kick the coffee habit may now wonder why they should bother. A spate of new studies seems to find nothing but virtue in the popular drink; in some respects, coffee apparently even leaves fruits and vegetables in the dust. http://www.projo.com/opinion/editorials/co...ff.2c84809.html
  13. The ninth photo looks suspiciously similar to the Old Port in Portland, Maine.
  14. Could somebody tell me the name of the building on South Water Street near the Old Stone Bank, about 10 stories tall, pretty modern looking, with a seafood restaurant on the ground floor. Also, any idea how old it is?
  15. ^Thanks With all this park talk, here's a pretty nicely maintained center-city park I know, I know, it's a national park... I really like all the historic buildings in the background. Neat area.
  16. Great photos Garris! I'm glad you liked Portsmouth. Portsmouth lost many historic structures during the early urban renewal days, but historic preservation started to gain steam in Portsmouth in the late 50's, which is fairly early compared to other cities. Did you make it to the South End? That's the historic residential district. Right on the water. Similar to Providence's College Hill with less traffic, and no college. I slightly disagree with you here. Underutilized? Yes. But I think Portsmouth's great strength is the accessability of the waterfront - lots of restaurants, pubs on the water, Prescott Park, etc. Certainly they could do better (this Harbor-walk plan has been floating around for years), but I think compared to many other New England cities, particularly New Haven, Portsmouth has done a relatively decent job with its waterfront. Thanks again for the photos/ observations
  17. I went to school in Connecticut and graduated last year, but moved back home to New Hampshire. Unfortunately, while financially it's a great situation, I'm going insane living at home. I "discovered" Providence while cutting through it on 195 on my way to the Cape last year. I-195 has a much better view of the city than 95 affords. The view made the city look really appealing so a few weeks later I visited and immediately I really liked the city. This summer I brought down friends and family for weekends to Providence for the Waterfire events and they really enjoyed it as well (As a side note, Providence should really invest in a tourism campaign aimed at Southern NH - Everyone I talk to about the city either doesn't know a thing about it, or thinks it's a county in South Carolina) I would love to move down to Providence, but would really need to have a job lined up first in order to. I graduated with a degree in journalism, and now do temp work for Fidelity and some freelance for papers up here. I guess my question is, Is there some kind of office down there in Providence I could go to that could help me find a decent job down there? I don't mind going down there for the day at all. Thanks for your help.
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