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  1. Great pics! I've been watching this thing grow from the outside, wishing I could get a peek of the interior. Love it.
  2. Exiting lurker mode to share some pics of the new curtain wall at the Grand Plaza.
  3. I believe the release said that most of the funding will be coming from Federal grants and such.
  4. 8R/26L (the south runway) and 17/35 (the north/south runway) are built to handle air carriers; in other words, they handle the regular GRR passenger traffic which consists of a good deal of regional jets, and of late more and more 737 and A320 family traffic. 757s are not an uncommon occurrence at the airport these days either. They're built to withstand the weight of large jets, and to provide adequate room for takeoff and landing (8R/26L is 10,000 feet long, I believe; 17/35 might be a bit shorter). 8L/26R is a much shorter runway suitable for general aviation (your cessna/diamond star/beechcraft propeller-driven planes) and perhaps a bit of business traffic. I'd be impressed if GRR ever reached the point where they needed a second air carrier runway on the north side of the field...
  5. UP needs to lease that sucker and set up constant surveillance of the site.
  6. A few photos from the other day: 20 Fulton E - May 9, 2017 by Marc VM, on Flickr 20 Fulton E - May 9, 2017 by Marc VM, on Flickr 20 Fulton E - May 9, 2017 by Marc VM, on Flickr Three cheers for the prospect of having that sidewalk open again, btw.
  7. Brandon Bird has done a fantastic job commemorating the architectural contributions of Sears.
  8. I believe the long term plans for GRR involve expanding 8R/26L involve lengthening it and upgrading its capacity to handle commercial traffic. If you look at the 2004 master plan, it's pretty clear that they've mapped out the space for a third air-carrier runway. GRR 2004 Master Plan by Marc VM, on Flickr
  9. I doubt anything would happen before they made a move to rebuild 8R/26L. You'd have to tear up the runway to build the tunnel anyway, plus you have to go around the north tarmac and the flight services up there. I would also imagine that it will be significantly more costly to do at GRR than over at Holland, which is a tiny airport in comparison.
  10. Just for the record, the tower crane is gone. Any others on the horizon in downtown GR for us to look forward to?
  11. A few pics of the Viewing Area expansion: IMG_4607.jpg by Marc VM, on Flickr IMG_4608.jpg by Marc VM, on Flickr IMG_4606.jpg by Marc VM, on Flickr IMG_4605.jpg by Marc VM, on Flickr IMG_4601.jpg by Marc VM, on Flickr
  12. Yes. The big crane that they used to put it up is assembled and ready to take it down.
  13. I think the real news here is that there was once a franchise restaurant called “Mr. Ham and Mr. Beef.”
  14. Flew that route on Northwest once. I believe Lansing has that route now as well.
  15. Cool beans. It's a really lovely expanse of dirt and gravel right now. Look forward to seeing something get started there...
  16. Worst case would be replacing it with a giant, sixteen story hyper-realistic statue of Trump and Obama recreating the infamous fraternal kiss between Breszhnev and Honecker, purely to piss absolutely everyone off. Always remember things could be worse.
  17. Pretty much I just look at it and then say to myself, "you know self, that looks OK. In fact, I think I kind of like the way that looks right there." I also say, from time to time, "thank goodness it's not a corrugated metal wall like Gallery." That happens too.
  18. Honestly, the look of the exterior is growing on me. At least the upper floors. Excited to see what this will look like when complete.
  19. Especially considering how some of those panels were just sawed in half. All in all, I was sort of surprised to hear that this is just a structural integrity check and wouldn't be surprised if something more were in the pipeline. For what it's worth, which in the end, is nothing, seeing as how I'm just a chump who likes looking at buildings and dreaming up what could be.
  20. I was speaking with a relative who works at one of the local equipment suppliers for the construction industry around here - he's constantly dropping stuff off to GR construction sites - and according to him, they're just checking the structural integrity of the building after all of the work that's been going on next door at the Venue. So perhaps nothing is happening here after all....
  21. Some new pics from this AM: 20 Fulton E - Nov. 17, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr 20 Fulton E - Nov. 17, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr 20 Fulton E - Nov. 17, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr 20 Fulton E - Nov. 17, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr 20 Fulton E - Nov. 17, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr 20 Fulton E - Nov. 17, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr
  22. As a regular at the Viewing Area with my camera, after seeing that pic I have to say that I am ashamed of all my prior efforts at photography. If anyone needs me I'll be off in the corner wearing sackcloth and sitting in a huge pile of ashes.
  23. Brickwork on the first floor: 20 Fulton E - Nov. 14, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr From the rear: 20 Fulton E - Nov. 14, 2016 by Marc VM, on Flickr
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