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    Utah off-topic

    There's a stretch of pretty much unbroken city from Ogden through and past Provo, with SLC being in the middle. Outside of that stretch, usually called the Wasatch Front (after the Wasatch range of mountains) there's really not a whole lot. Logan is just south of the Idaho border, and St George just north of the Arizona border; those are probably the next "big contenders" for cities, with St George having a real boom over the last five years or so that's projected to continue for a while yet. Other Utahns could probably give you more precise numbers.
  2. jedikermit

    Utah off-topic

    I'm from Utah too--I've lived in Salt Lake City most of my life. I live in the suburbs now, where I'm a history teacher, but I also worked in downtown Salt Lake City for seven years. It's a great place to live, but I do wish there were more happening on the construction front. There are a number of remarkable projects in the works that could either make or break the downtown area...I'm hoping they work out.
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