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  1. those large, brick chimneys are iconic. will they be demolished?
  2. i hope the beltway in winston never gets built. adding more roads just creates more traffic, increases future liabilities in the form of maintenance burdens, and these 'ring' roads choke city-center activity. our state and municipalities are going broke.... there's a gazillion reasons why this is foolish endeavor, which is why i pretty positive it will continue to be pursued! its madness.
  3. full disclosure: i'm a map nerd and what follows is meant to be purely constructive criticism (and my mapping neurosis manifested). interesting map for sure. lots of potential info is lost because of poor choice of color representation. red is an emerging color and blue is a receding color; in this instance the red obscures small clusters of blue. the red/blue combined with the white opaque background creates a 'clinical' or 'sterile' image that is in-congruent for such a colorful phenomena. what geography was the population dot density collected? census block group or census tract? thanks for sharing.
  4. ^ that is also the location of a weekly farmers market, every tuesday from 10am til 1pm.
  5. ^ looking at that graphic, i'm inclined to think that there needs to be an additional pedestrian bridge connecting the northern part of this project to patterson avenue. that rail yard really creates a barrier for pedestrian flow and connectivity.
  6. really happy to hear ziggy's is coming back, i saw lots of fantastic artists there over the years.
  7. ^ thats pretty cool! when paceline went out of business it left greensboro without a trek dealer, which enables trek to open a corporate store. trek couldn't do that in most markets because they wouldn't want to cannibalize existing independent trek dealers (ex. ken's bike shop in winston). i know the independent bike shops and their loyal customers will grumble at the notion of a corporate store moving to town, but i see this as another positive sign of the rising popularity of cycling as fun recreation and healthy transportation. kudos to kotis properties; they have a reputation for attracting top-shelf retailers.
  8. yeah there are some great architectural 'curiosities' in the triad. cesar pelli's wachovia tower is just lacking a climatic flourish; like a fountain on top would make it complete!
  9. ^the magic bullet theory is hard to accept... red pill or blue pill?
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