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  1. I'm thinking of a word that begins with the letter V and rhymes with honeycomb!
  2. Pat McCrory's hubris = born on third, thinks he hit a triple
  3. Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

    those large, brick chimneys are iconic. will they be demolished?
  4. technologies of the future

    we were promised jetpacks!
  5. Downtown Greensboro Developments

    that is a good looking building!
  6. i hope the beltway in winston never gets built. adding more roads just creates more traffic, increases future liabilities in the form of maintenance burdens, and these 'ring' roads choke city-center activity. our state and municipalities are going broke.... there's a gazillion reasons why this is foolish endeavor, which is why i pretty positive it will continue to be pursued! its madness.
  7. The PGA Wyndham Championship

    ^ he's just not that interesting anymore.
  8. Four Seasons Town Centre

    they're fighting a losing battle with rising temperatures. go look at aerial photography of four seasons, or hanes mall for that matter. hundreds of acres of asphalt; we're hard-wired to subconsciously avoid such inhospitable environments. who in their right mind would want to visit four seasons or hanes mall and have to park their car on that giant skillet today at 2 o'clock? malls are dead.
  9. technologies of the future

    ^ i reserve a healthy dose of skepticism towards technology, but there is a compelling argument that manufacturing will be coming back to the local scale as rising petroleum costs overrun the savings from off shore wage arbitrage. let's hope so, as there is an employment vacuum to be filled, and lots of folks yearning for meaningful engagement with their local communities.
  10. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    does the business journal know about this latest development? justin catanoso where are you?
  11. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    we can get to page 37! remember when disney was secretly exploring the triumph project? come on, let's do this! in total, the skepticism and pragmatic reservation voiced in this thread is in rough proportionality and scale with the speculation and optimistic conjecture. for selfish reasons, i really want to see our local media outlets chase this story.... its just good, cheap entertainment!
  12. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    thanks all, this is wonderful entertainment! gotta think big, gotta think fantastic! we're hitting the speculative 'big time', we can now rub elbows with the promoters of meadowlands xanadu! i haven't seen this kind of unrestrained optimism and capricious imagination since elkington's 'planned' redevelopment of downtown winston-salem. we need to get our local media outlets talking about this!
  13. The Greensboro Triumph Center

    this is pure gold! 36 pages and counting.... can we hit 70?! this thread needs some renderings of downtown log flume.
  14. Triad Off-Topic

    full disclosure: i'm a map nerd and what follows is meant to be purely constructive criticism (and my mapping neurosis manifested). interesting map for sure. lots of potential info is lost because of poor choice of color representation. red is an emerging color and blue is a receding color; in this instance the red obscures small clusters of blue. the red/blue combined with the white opaque background creates a 'clinical' or 'sterile' image that is in-congruent for such a colorful phenomena. what geography was the population dot density collected? census block group or census tract? thanks for sharing.