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  1. those large, brick chimneys are iconic. will they be demolished?
  2. i hope the beltway in winston never gets built. adding more roads just creates more traffic, increases future liabilities in the form of maintenance burdens, and these 'ring' roads choke city-center activity. our state and municipalities are going broke.... there's a gazillion reasons why this is foolish endeavor, which is why i pretty positive it will continue to be pursued! its madness.
  3. full disclosure: i'm a map nerd and what follows is meant to be purely constructive criticism (and my mapping neurosis manifested). interesting map for sure. lots of potential info is lost because of poor choice of color representation. red is an emerging color and blue is a receding color; in this instance the red obscures small clusters of blue. the red/blue combined with the white opaque background creates a 'clinical' or 'sterile' image that is in-congruent for such a colorful phenomena. what geography was the population dot density collected? census block group or census tract? thanks for sharing.
  4. ^ that is also the location of a weekly farmers market, every tuesday from 10am til 1pm.
  5. ^ looking at that graphic, i'm inclined to think that there needs to be an additional pedestrian bridge connecting the northern part of this project to patterson avenue. that rail yard really creates a barrier for pedestrian flow and connectivity.
  6. really happy to hear ziggy's is coming back, i saw lots of fantastic artists there over the years.
  7. ^ thats pretty cool! when paceline went out of business it left greensboro without a trek dealer, which enables trek to open a corporate store. trek couldn't do that in most markets because they wouldn't want to cannibalize existing independent trek dealers (ex. ken's bike shop in winston). i know the independent bike shops and their loyal customers will grumble at the notion of a corporate store moving to town, but i see this as another positive sign of the rising popularity of cycling as fun recreation and healthy transportation. kudos to kotis properties; they have a reputation for attracting top-shelf retailers.
  8. yeah there are some great architectural 'curiosities' in the triad. cesar pelli's wachovia tower is just lacking a climatic flourish; like a fountain on top would make it complete!
  9. ^the magic bullet theory is hard to accept... red pill or blue pill?
  10. neo brutalist architecture in all its repugnant glory. i love how the photo captured an actual human in a neo brutalist space... albeit that person is fleeing... rapidly. thats rich!
  11. ^ gneiss pics cityboi. the hidden treasure of the triad: the wonderful sauratown range! when asked whats the best thing about winston-salem? thats easy; quartzite cliffs, waterfalls, trails, and the dan river all just 30 minutes away!
  12. what y'alls read on the design manual? is it red tape or is it a method for ensuring high quality? my take is that when we look at the unintended consequences of then trendy architecture from the past (google brutalism for example), we often end up with large structures that are hideous, uninviting and damaging to a city's center. look at the fed building in winston or the greensboro-guilford county gov center for local examples where then trendy architecture is now seen as cold and despotic. give roy carroll an opportunity to be creative and respond to what he thinks the market will bear, while simultaneously maintaining a high quality standard for our city center. the tenants will change over time, but a well designed building will enhance a city center while a poor quality design can hurt a city's vibrancy.
  13. ^ as per the article linked and my post up thread: we can't even afford to light the roads the we currently have and yet there is an ongoing effort to add more roads!? truth really is stranger than fiction.
  14. the state is teetering on bankruptcy, our municipalities are dancing to avoid insolvency and we're talking about laying more asphalt? at what future cost for maintenance? might we ought to make an earnest plan to maintain what we have at a high standard? that alone will be expensive.
  15. where's the demand for another road between winston and greensboro?
  16. ^ that tollroad news thingy that is linked above is from 2005. thats about the last time i heard any talk of a toll road in the triad. is there that much pent up demand for more mindless motoring around here?
  17. its always the simplest explanation that tells the story.
  18. good post cityboi. there was a lot of criticism regarding how this year's venue and the general trend of mega-arenas squash the pageantry of tournament basketball. bigger is not better; ford field looked hollow and lacked the frenzied intimacy that is synonymous with college basketball. the greensboro coliseum is a great host to the acc tournament and has successfully hosted the final four in the past (1974 was a classic!); it could be successful again. lets hope more folks demand that the final four returns to venues that better honors the traditions and rivalries of college basketball; and yes, lets hope it returns to tobacco road!
  19. many concepts in this ted speech are compelling. jill tarter discusses seti and how it doesn't presume existence of extraterrestrials, but rather acknowledges the possibility of such life. kinda mirrors my thoughts in that regard. jill tarter on ted talks
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