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  1. Again a beautiful picture. I hope you don't mind I set it as my wallpaper.
  2. Looks like this is getting great reviews on Amazon. Will add it to my reading list, thanks.
  3. The name will change and it won't be like the current program but apparently more like what he originally wanted it to be. He'll have more creative control.
  4. Addendum to my previous post. Looks as though Richard Davis of Flip This House is moving to Discoveries TLC Ch. (42 in Greenville) http://www.charleston.net/stories/?newsID=...ction=localnews Article talks of the debut show being The Shoeless Jackson house
  5. I just don't see something of this nature (airline industry) creating 600 jobs though. Whatever it is, 600 jobs can only be good for Greenville and perhaps some of the Bellsouth people who might lose jobs.
  6. Greenville Journal indicated it could be in a services industry like insurance, banking or other financial industry. They also made a call out in the last few pages to the speculation in here that it was something to do with the airline industry. They said that probably next week they'd make the announcemnet.
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