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  1. I believe that land is owned by none other than Mr. Azzar.
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    Did you guys hear the interview with Robby Gordon? I literally was laughing in my car when I heard him diss JPM about NOT WINNING the race. Why not be classy and congratulate Juan on the win? Somebody needs to remind RG that to goal is to finish first, not just have the best car during some parts of the race.
  3. WOT


    I'm going to go waaaaaaaaaaay out on a limb a call a 24 car victory this weekend. all the stats he has piled up and the adreniline of the new baby = fast laps
  4. WOT


    Not as suprised to see the size of his arms! If he gets much bigger, won't it affect his swing?
  5. WOT


    Although I live in Michigan, I would love to see them drop 1 of the 2 cup races and give it to Kentucky. Same type track, but I don't really think it makes sense to come to Brooklyn 2 times in such a short amount of time. Besides, the traffic nightmare is truly undescribable. I went to the June race in 2000 shortly after moving here and it was so bad I swore I would never return Everything I read about Kentucky says they sell that place out everytime there is so much as a practice!
  6. WOT


    How long does anyone think Toyota is going to put up with MWR? I gotta believe they are really regretting their decision to partner with him. Would it improve at all if MW got out of the 55 altogether? Does anyone actually think he can be a good owner?
  7. I believe that is Doug and Maria's crib
  8. Not sure how safe it is to be practicing photography while driving?
  9. Does anyone know what is happening in the parking lot of the Cascade store? I went by there yesterday and their is fencing all around and it looks like construction prep?
  10. I like what Dr. White is doing to make HS Graduation more appropriate and proper. IN West Michigan, the superitendent of our GRPS is doing the same thing.
  11. Does anyone know the story behind Chicago's Pizza closing next to Celebration Cinema North? Man, I'm bummed.
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