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  1. I am still pissed they didn't even try to stay with this awesome design. The tower we got is such a let down compared.
  2. This is going to be my exact view. Wasn't at all worried about the back yard. Most townhouses don't even have ground level patio space when they have garages. I'll be spending most of my outdoor time up here.
  3. I miss the green neon piping around the top of One Wells Fargo, before they switched to the white lighting from inside the glass. I wish they would go back to the piping style lights with color changing LED's like BofA Dallas. The current lighting just never looked classy since the dome isn't very interesting under the glass. Side note, try finding a single picture of it on Google. Seems all photos of it have been forgotten.
  4. I would have made Dot walk. LOL. It's not that far.
  5. Came across this article. Interesting read! https://www.washingtonpost.com/magazine/2020/07/13/pandemic-has-shown-us-what-future-architecture-could-be/?arc404=true
  6. Thanks for these pics QCxpat. Can't be there to follow the construction in person, so glad to see the pics here. They are really starting to take shape. Can't wait to see the new hood when complete!
  7. It's going to ruin the buildings clean sharp lines for sure. Ugh.
  8. I think it's time the city starts looking at a street car connecting the light rail line to Northlake / I-77 running down the middle of Harris.
  9. I have terrible scars from a pretty heinous motorcycle accident at that exact spot. My best friend had almost the same exact motorcycle at that spot two years prior. It's so dangerous!
  10. I know this is going to sound weird, but I kind of like the smell of smeltered iron, grew up in the NY area and it was somewhat of a normal thing. But I definitely won't miss it when it goes away. The train on the other hand might be irritating.
  11. Thanks! It was the brick that kind of sold me. They told me it will be white brick, but not actually sure if it will be painted, or prestained from the brick factory. Only thing I am worried about is how much view I am going to lose from the Spectrum apartments being built across the street.
  12. I Actually am buying one of them. I am lucky I signed the paperwork on opening day. The unit I got shot up 80k the next day. They sold 19 of the 31 units that day.
  13. Anyone know Verna's email address? I really think if he were to read this thread, he would realize his shortfalls and maybe be prompted to either let it die or get up and do what it takes to make this happen, and yes, redesign it a bit in the process. I think when he initially announced this project, it was the first highrise to be announced after the ugly Pink monster, so he wasn't in the shadow of larger more experienced highrise developers. Now he has alot to live up to, much flashier and well organized projects are not only announced, but well into construction before he even gets all his permits. Even Furman, who experimented with highrise design on the Courtside has announced and almost completed a tower well after Verna's initial announcement, and has a second one going up already. Pete, if you read this... Please fire your staff and do what it takes to make this happen the right way!
  14. Unless he has changed his original plan, the builder who some good friends of mine are close with has said this was going to be a 17 story project. I don't know if Conformity group can command the financing needed for such a project, but at least it shows high aspirations!
  15. god, I wish they would release some better rederings then that stupid cartoon looking thing... I mean, come on, have you ever heard of a computer? they did wonders for trademark and courtside, hmmm, maybe if they did that, it might sell a little better.
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