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  1. Anyone know Verna's email address? I really think if he were to read this thread, he would realize his shortfalls and maybe be prompted to either let it die or get up and do what it takes to make this happen, and yes, redesign it a bit in the process. I think when he initially announced this project, it was the first highrise to be announced after the ugly Pink monster, so he wasn't in the shadow of larger more experienced highrise developers. Now he has alot to live up to, much flashier and well organized projects are not only announced, but well into construction before he even gets all his permits. Even Furman, who experimented with highrise design on the Courtside has announced and almost completed a tower well after Verna's initial announcement, and has a second one going up already. Pete, if you read this... Please fire your staff and do what it takes to make this happen the right way!
  2. Unless he has changed his original plan, the builder who some good friends of mine are close with has said this was going to be a 17 story project. I don't know if Conformity group can command the financing needed for such a project, but at least it shows high aspirations!
  3. god, I wish they would release some better rederings then that stupid cartoon looking thing... I mean, come on, have you ever heard of a computer? they did wonders for trademark and courtside, hmmm, maybe if they did that, it might sell a little better.
  4. not going skiing this thursday as I had originally planned ;(
  5. does anyone have the origanl rendering of this project from when it was announced 3 years ago? I am just curious so that we can compare when the next rendering comes out.
  6. utcltjay


    easy there uptown, he must not loose focus on what aspects of J&W we are appreciating here
  7. utcltjay


    Unfortunately Nostyle, the few building you were talking about on trade are likely to fall victim to the wrecking ball, and ironically, due to J&W's influence on that side of town. i believe the school agreed to purchase the land, but only if the buildings were demolished. Yes they are historic buildings, but I guess they don't fit into the plans of J&W, and maybe that is a good thing. They seem to be doing pretty well so far with what they are building.
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