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  1. Building stick housing with less density so close to Trade and Tryon is an abomination. There are plenty of areas where this can be built, a surface lot potentially. When there are people willing to rehab the building, a city organization shouldn't subsiding its destruction. Exactly, why care about design and history at all?
  2. @southernnorthcarolina That was a hell of a writeup. You took a subject which I was only browsing through and got my attention for a few solid minutes, well done.
  3. Ultimately there will be times CFC will need to play in a smaller building (US Open Cup games), and I hope they can come to an agreement to play 3-4 games a year here.
  4. Well of course. Large Live oaks take centuries to be extremely large. The one placed at Ally will be about 100 years old, and there are few in Charlotte that large. Part of its beauty is the fact that it looks out of place, the contrast between a growing downtown urban area and a beautiful distinctly rural southern tree.
  5. There are about 80 live oak trees lining BofA Stadium for the last 25 years.
  6. Yep similar to Sandy Springs/Dunwoody to DT ATL.
  7. That doesn't seem like that has to be the case, permanently.
  8. If we closed Tryon to car traffic, it would easily be the best thoroughfare in the state.
  9. It will be even better when they remove the temporary parking lot in front and re-landscaped.
  10. The idea of a new hotel in this economy is a non starter and condo hasn't come close to being back in CLT...
  11. Mostly true. There could be a circular (485) line that you could get you from Matthews to UNCC.
  12. Regardless of the layout, there are going to need to be transfers unless we had a fully built out London, Paris or New York style subway system. I'm not sure how there is anything besides an "X" pattern with 2/3 lines.
  13. The other side of N Graham looks similar to South Blvd. in the late 90s.
  14. It's going to be really awesome when Morehead is the next stonewall...
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