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  1. I like it. It isn't Charlotte red brick. Looks more Texas looking. Totally fine with something different even if the match is slightly off with the glass color.
  2. I know of massive layoffs at Cisco coming up (not in Charlotte) which were due to lost contracts due to coronavirus...
  3. I love the live oaks surrounding BofA Stadium. I hope those get saved around the new stadium as well.
  4. ...and you can also sue them for wrongful arrest, but police aren't typically arresting for that. They've all been brought to know what the rights are for public photography and to the actions of "first amendment advocates", its mostly its power hungry security guards.
  5. Exactly. Turner vs. Driver was a Federal court decision that stated that anything you can photograph anything you can see from publicly owned right of ways as a first amendment right, including Police.
  6. It WAS the Charleston Eater. It is now pivoting, there will be more Charlotte articles. If we could only get a Carolinas Curbed...
  7. 150k vs 337k alumni base. Those extra 80 miles away wont matter. More Dawgs will be in that stadium We made Notre Dame Stadium a home game. B
  8. In other stadium news, BofA will host Charlotte's biggest regular season college game ever in 2021. My DAWGS will play Clemson to start the season. The best traveling fanbase in the country will lead to more red than Orange in the stadium...
  9. I missread it as 112 bc it looks like there was a block where no seats were sold in the middle of 112. I would guess the tunnel will be in that area.
  10. That has to be about the cheapest Westin this time of year in the country. $128 tomorrow night. Occupancy has to be awful.
  11. That building would be a really cool music venue.
  12. I would love to show some of the bans from 2007-2009, but I can't see the interaction anymore. I think this would be amazing. Fifth Street Plaza Atlanta, randomly captured by google before one very sparsely attended GT football game (as most are). Maybe the first step towards a cap:
  13. Away team side*, which is more in the sun and is the direction of most cameras. I took some Falcons fans to a game about 12 years ago and they thought it was very odd you could only see sky around the stadium. Boy how times have changed.
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