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  1. There will always need to be a second massive hub in our part of the country to compete with ATL. Its not coincidental. We are within 80% of the population with a 2.5 hour flight, and our airport is the only place with the reasonable ability to pull it off.
  2. Microsoft purchased a major greyfield site in a fairly rundown part of Atlanta. They are in for a long haul build-out and redevelopment. I don't think they will be reactionary to this bill.
  3. Delta sees the writing on the wall. The GA GOP is about to have a messy Gov. and SoS Primary then a huge fall from grace. The trend blue in Georgia is in full force, faster than NC, with massive demographics changes and a smaller statewide rural white vote.
  4. I think they certainly can be impacted by it. This fills a void in much of which UNCC is doing, and it might lead to different programs to move closer. If this what the turning point in establishing a mini UNCC campus in Levineland, that would be fantastic.
  5. I thought this meant Simon Property Group. LOL
  6. EV's typically pay higher state registration taxes in order to make up for this difference. Also the impact on their use is MUCH lower than larger gas powered tractor trailers, trucks and SUVs.
  7. Atlanta purchased the single largest order in Stadler history. 125 trainsets due for delivery between now and 2023. Manufactured in Utah.
  8. I think we've had more office growth in the last 20 years than all of them, maybe besides Austin.
  9. As a Telsa driver, I can't imagine a roadtrip with any of the other cars yet. The supercharger network (especially in Florida, where I usually drive to) is phenomenal and isn't going anywhere. Telsa's self driving tech won't be matched for years, and by that time will DOMINATE the space.
  10. Yeah generally I'm not for widening lanes to keep up with traffic, but 321 is about 80 miles of interstate grade roads just to peter out right before 85, why wouldn't they loop it back into 85 with an onramp a mile or 2 west of that interchange is beyond me.
  11. You're right about local demand supporting the market, but that doesn't diminish a geographic advantage for Charlotte. With the hub and spoke model, there will always be a second airline competing with Delta's advantage in Atlanta as strategic South/East megahub. Dallas is too far away, and there is no other airport that will be large enough in our lifetimes in the southeast that can produce the volume and margins as we are able to . Dulles is probably the closest thing to an Atlanta competitor and that's too far away.
  12. I would disagree with this. We have a very similar geographic advantage to Denver, with more people within a 2 hour and 3 hour flight, than about anywhere in the country. Denver/SLC is very similar to ATL/CLT and we probably have more people within 100 miles than any of the other airports in that group.
  13. It has been crescendoing for a while, as has the fervor of rhetoric in this country, but there are enough good contributors here to survive, just as our country and city have. I hope we are moving into a new age of hope, optimism and gratefulness.
  14. That was more like Rock Hill getting the Panthers training facility. ATL just spent a ton on renovating NBA arena and building a new NFL and MLS stadium. We have our own issues with that on the horizon too.
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