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  1. Cherry somehow stands up to density but not 60 years of autocentric crap. They basically got gutted in the early part of this decade and try to exert their opinions to part of the surrounding areas, which I get the attempt to try to preserve their enclave, but their resistance is futile and quite frankly, unwarranted.
  2. Marsh is a locally owned family company who live in the area . They do good work.
  3. Recently Brian Brtalik reprensented Cyxtera in subleasing 60,000 in Dallas, which is unusual for him, he has almost exclusively been in the Charlotte area. Maybe Lumen Technologies ( who acquired Cyxtera) and is currently based in Monroe, LA is looking to move to CLT? Wild speculation, but throwing it out there.
  4. The ring of trees surrounding BofA stadium are Live Oaks from South Carolina planted in 1996... We can grow them with proper planting and early maintenance.
  5. Photo dump from the Mayo bowl weekend. Great time, great win. And a proud moment to show off Charlotte to some Atlantans.
  6. This is exactly correct. Willow/Pin oaks, are native to the southeast, but they weren't as prevalent in Meck until after the cotton fields were developed. They are not native in Western NC and almost all of Georgia due to the red clay soil which doesn't hold their roots well, and they go through cycles of replenishment as we are seeing now. Charlotte has a tree infrastructure which needs replacing, in the case of the south Charlotte area, these trees are one storm away from being deadly missiles. The canker worm prevalence in this area is more destructive in Myers Park than the developer. Peop
  7. Wanted to create a thread for 526 S. Church and 401 S. College which JLL has listed as possible spec at those sites. Nothing imminent, but this thread can track the progress of the sale and eventually the Mint st. Parking deck. 526 S. Church St. Potentially: -814,500 sqft. office 29 stories -400 multifamily units -400-room hotel and 15,000 square feet of street-level retail -3.68 acres, it is the larger of the two sites. 401 S. College St. -491,700 square feet of office space on 22 floors -300 multifamily units -a 300-room hotel and 10,000
  8. Charlotte's Jordan Davis for Georgia had a great game. Was national defender of the week! Maybe hometown kid can come back and win the Bronco Nagurski award presented by the Charlotte Touchdown Club.
  9. Great exposure for the city obviously, but even more importantly a huge moneymaker to expand the game going forward. Would love to have Bama, FSU, Ohio State, Penn State play the Clemson and Georgia's here. The best site for an ACC/Big Ten, or an SEC /Big Ten season opener.
  10. Albeit not an intestate, but 321 turning from interstate quality for 40 miles into a red light hellscape, right before 85 is such a disaster. The new interchange is awful. The I-85 widening in Gaston needs to start yesterday. Replacing those bridges needs to start.
  11. I'm suggesting if we are going to host big events, there needs to be a better event planning liaison between the city/ City Center Partners and the businesses downtown. I understand staffing issues but having nearly no restaurants open with 300k people coming into town and thousands of people downtown for College Gameday is a really bad look. So yes, in short, the city could have done more to facilitate.
  12. That weekend was probably the most people from out of town since the DNC. I wish more of those restaurants were open. I also heard many restaurants uptown closed at 12:30 on Saturday with thousands of people looking for a place to eat. There needs to be better coordination between the city and the restaurants in the area for events like those.
  13. I think it was more like 55 UGA/ 45 Clemson. UGA seemed to have more fans in town friday and it got more even on Saturday but I think UGA had more people around, and in the stadium.
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