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  1. The area of densifying urban area in Charlotte is larger and there are more unbuilt areas for Charlotte to grow. Plus the Blue line is much longer than their red line. Austin's current and largest boom started before Charlotte's, so I think there is a chance that Charlotte catches up. The river makes a more dramatic skyline in some ways, but I don't think they are running away with things. Charlotte and Nashville have more room to expand, so smaller buildings for now, but that could change. Charlotte needs to attract MORE HQs however, and being the state capital of a huge state with the flagship university and a huge tech industry helps Austin in that regard, but the state of Texas has more political headwinds.
  2. They should do a charter bus from the station like Brightline does from Miami Central to Marlins games, Ft Lauderdale for Dolphins games and West Palm Beach for concerts. And have a premium section with free booze.
  3. Too broad because multiple stations are also in South End, it would be too confusing for new riders.
  4. Atlanta metro got 2 $25m projects. It helps when you have 2 forward thinking senators (doesn't hurt to be in the presidents party, or the two who decided the majority admittedly), but once again NC doesn't prioritize CLT.
  5. Yet the city of Dallas feels small and sleepier than a metro of that size. Not an impressive CBD, nor particularly good food scene. Very underwhelming IMO.
  6. More like a Marietta or Roswell.
  7. LOL thats why it's well positioned for bars to be there. There are 40+ days a year with 35k+ people going to events a few hundred feet away.
  8. Considering the weather in MN, its no doubt they have a dome. Our winters are nice enough to be open most gamedays. I understand the need for closed roof for big events like the final four, but hopefully we can have best of both worlds with a large retractable roof opening.
  9. It's well positioned for bar and restaurant space, but unbelievably has neither in the current plans...
  10. A much smaller 100 mile radius... which is NFLs measurement of a market.
  11. This is directly due to chaos he has created, not a job "poorly done".
  12. Well sub CP&F. Houston and Toronto face a similar direction.
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