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  1. Great news for niners fans this fall...
  2. Hey @Tyrone Wiggum you should have played off your Reece's joke here @KJHburg
  3. That parking lot to the right has to be one of the next to go... Amazing spot for a residential tower.
  4. IDK for the most part if you live OTP, you mostly hang with people who live ITP. If you live in Midtown, Kennesaw might as well be Mars. May be a bit extreme of a personal example, but I've lived in Georgia for 13 years and I've hung out with friends in the suburbs at their houses less than 10 times. The traffic is a large reason why I live ITP and never have to get on an interstate to get to work or visit friends. Traffic isn't that bad if you are just jumping around the east side of town or driving around only Buckhead.
  5. There is very much an Outside the Perimeter vs Inside the Perimeter (OTP vs ITP) rivalry. I'm an ITPer so I can't answer for them LOL. The rivalry is stronger than many state rivalries, many of my friends even ditched their Braves season tickets in favor of Atlanta United because the Braves moved to Cobb County, perhaps the greatest violator of sprawl encouraging zoning ordinances and backward views on transit. The beltline and the neighborhoods surrounding it are being well preserved, with walkable dense buildings being developed quickly. Midtown is growing like crazy, and Buckhead and Midtown are starting to growing together at the northern boundry of Midtown. The ITP portion of Atlanta is growing right and will be much more walkable and transit friendly in 15 years. Marta just passed a 3B transit expansion. There was hope for an 11 county transit referendum, but it failed in early 2016.
  6. I wish there were an additional PeachPass/ NC QuickPass Lane the whole way. WAYYY too many tractor trailers, even after this construction is finished.
  7. You can poo poo that original package all you want, the Knights park and Arena were home runs and slam dunks. I don't have kids so spending money for others people's kids in school spending and education doesn't directly impact me, but I know its best for the place I live and for society in general. Same can be said for these projects even if you never step foot in the stadiums or care about sports at all.
  8. I think a wage tax for players who play in the stadium to raise $ is an ingenious idea. Philly takes a wage tax for all people who are paid off working in the city, Bryce Harper pays about 12m over the life of the contract to the city. NFL contracts usually pay taxes per game, so it wouldn't just hit the panthers players, but every player who plays in the stadium. I'm sure you could recoup a few hundred mil over the course of a 30 year stadium. City of Philly takes in about $2m a month from sports contracts. If Charlotte passed a sports contract wage tax, it could contribute about $1.2m/month with an MLS team or 432m over 30 years at current wages (which will def go up).
  9. Arena was a great investment. 260m from the city and county for a NBA team, All Star game, 2 ACC tournaments (and more on the way), 4 NCAA tournaments, 7+ CIAA tournaments, RNC, DNC and hundreds of additional concerts. Hell yes.
  10. That won't happen. Charlotte has already been prepping for the Panthers getting a new stadium. The 87mil they gave already was with the expectation of a new stadium in 10 years or so. I don't think asking and receiving 200-300m from the city is unreasonable. I would hope the state could contribute even more.
  11. I know. But they were able to fill those additional floors already. I'm not sure of the engineering ability to add any additional floors however.
  12. Is there any chance they decide to add a few floors?
  13. I would also highlight the large amounts of parking surrounding South Park Mall and the low density residential on both sides of Fairview all the way to Park road, and then up park road to Montford. That entire corridor is way too low density. The entire Morrison Dr. facing retail is completely replaceable.
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