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  1. I'm surprised the Panthers haven't lobbied for this by now..
  2. The Delta terminal for PHX is amazing. We aren't close to that. B and C are so cramped and dumpy, even with the recent renovations. We have a LONG way to go. I don't really trust that list. I fly about 130 flights a year and PHL would be much lower on the list and BNA and SLC would be much lower. How the HELL is Detroit number 47?
  3. Is it bad that I watched the whole thing and pulled for the train the whole time? No blue ink here...
  4. The glass color at twilight is awesome. Great pics @JorgiPorgi !
  5. This is maybe the most important project in South End besides Lowe's and Portman. Does such a great job of pushing density west.
  6. Not sure I agree that its nicer than Denver or FLL. I'm based out of ATL so I'm a pretty big snob, I think CLT will be great when finished, but it has a ways to go.
  7. Yikes, chemical leaching from Lithium is one of the worst of any mining. Not good for air pollution either, not sure its a great thing. At all.
  8. Does this new big money buyer want a new tallest?! Maybe they want more Charlotte towers? Mr. Tepper has had quite the day.
  9. Additional benefit.. have the Silver line use the 277 land as the route and built stations around and with the park in mind.
  10. I've heard rumors of Anthem moving their HQ to ATL but that is neither a tech company nor will that be in Atlantic Station. Doubt thats one on CLT's radar.
  11. You could at least get into dede's hole. Very hard to get into Danny's box.
  12. F From GotKobeBeef Reddit and felt like this should be shared.
  13. I think that is for the parking deck based on what I remember but I'm not certain.
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