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  1. Possibility of a New Panthers Stadium

    Sabates is a big mouth with nothing to substantiate the legitimacy of his bid. The owner will be part of the current ownership group, who are all extremely tight lipped. The speculation is contrived click bait from the Observer and Sabates trying to keep his name on the front page. We know nothing and there is no reason to continue the rampant speculation until we learn of the new owner.
  2. The Bad News Report

    The county got $33m scrapped together pretty quick for an oversized HS stadium. Poor planning from city/county and NO leadership from Marcus Smith.
  3. The Bad News Report

    MLS is going to Nashville. Reflects poorly on Marcus Smith. Hope we can mount a better attempt in the future. Panthers need better leadership than him in the future.
  4. The Good News Report

    ESPN's College Gameday will be in Charlotte for the first time.
  5. American Legion Memorial Stadium Renovation

    We are eliminated. Marcus Smart is a total joke. The Levine of prospective MLS owners.
  6. American Legion Memorial Stadium Renovation

    Its pretty remarkable as bad as McCrory was as gov., he was a great mayor. This wouldn't have happened under him. No mayor since has actually LEAD. Its really pathetic. Very glad Roberts is out, but i don't see the next one being able to continue to lead and focus on growth opportunities like this.
  7. American Legion Memorial Stadium Renovation

    So dumb that contributing $25mil to an MLS bid was off the table almost as soon as it was proposed, but a useless 2nd tier league will potentially receive the benefit. Buddy in sponsorships for the MLS said Charlotte would have been phase 2 expansion plan with an approved Memorial stadium.
  8. Amazon HQ2

    Seattle is 800 miles to SF. Within 800 miles of Atlanta: Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, CLT, Nashville, Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto, Pitt, NYC, DC. Same benefit locationally that CLT airport is benefitted from. AMZNing
  9. Amazon HQ2 Atlanta has emerged as the post application deadline favorite. Charlotte isn't big enough to get Amazon, but is close enough it could benefit greatly. If Amazon is able to influence GA, which it would with HQ2 (I keep typing HB2), Charlotte can market itself as a regional contributor (much like Portland to Seattle, or Boston to NY), while being able to be a nearby option for any Amazon customer, supplier or competitor. Plus construction of a high speed rail from Atlanta would surely speed up. We may not think of the locational proximity now, but in comparison to much of the country the two cities are extremely close, and will benefit from each others growth in the future. Charlotte is truly blessed to be located between ATL and RDU.
  10. Amazon HQ2

    NYC, Boston and DC probably would be among the most difficult cities to retain talent, with such a competitive job and wage market. Dallas and Atlanta are both much cheaper cities that can attract employees from anywhere, but also would be able to retain employees easier, with less competition in the workforce. Plus Texas and GA provide much more business friendly environments as right to work states.
  11. Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    Good news: it looks like nothing in Charlotte. Bad news: It looks like 1971 Southern California but with less flair. i wish the rails would have a more edgy look.
  12. Right, corporate and sterile is in much better taste.
  13. That blue LCD board when it was on the screen said 2016 NFL Season lol. High quality work. You know its high quality when you fire Bill Rosinski for Mick MIxon. Mixon is such a joke.
  14. I will give them credit on the logo. Its pretty solid.
  15. At least it isn't Town and Country Plaza... Although Lincoln (Harris) (Inter) Continental Center would have a nice ring to it (bc they need 2 intercontinentals downtown lol)