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  1. I would bet they open a few more locations too.
  2. They do a fantastic job in Atlanta
  3. From an experienced redeye flyer to ATL. The 5am arrival is much less painful than a 6:30-7:30 arrival. You can get home and sleep for a few hours before working that day... for connections, you have the potential to get home 2 hours early.
  4. They fly a single daily flight to Nashville, RDU and PIT. While I understand they have to contend with AA, they fly twice daily to TPA, despite Alaska also flying there. United can maintain a 738 to Denver, while competing with 5 AA and a Frontier flight, I don't think a single flight to CLT is completely out of the question. I was merely offering that its the only option for a second airline to SFO. CLT to Hawaii via SFO on United would seem like a reasonable connection.
  5. BC the traffic on I-85 in Gwinnett and I-75 in Henry county make I-77 look like I-277. People want the toll lanes to be punitive for not regular users.
  6. Georgia absolutely has plate readers, but I think the entire point of peach pass is to give more options to commuters who have the pass, and not someone from out of state who is just trying to jump into a lane to avoid traffic... and for the state to greatly profit on someone who does so.
  7. Yeah I know they do, I was just saying that United is really the only other option for a second option from SFO, and having a Star Alliance international flight should help its ability slightly.
  8. You'd think United would want to connect Charlotte to their network from SFO, especially with a Lufthansa flight. Maybe when Charlotte has more flyers using SFO to connect to Asia via United.
  9. You'd have to think at some point in time Pritchard Church's land becomes too expensive to stay at that location...
  10. The amount of Khakis def looks like nearly 25 years ago LOL
  11. I added this in the Light rail thread in a somewhat off topic post, so apologies for also adding here. Charlotte had the largest y/y % increase in office space in 2022 and second highest % under construction. The report of course manipulated statistics to drool over Austin, but Atlanta and Charlotte out punch their weight over almost everyone else.
  12. Midtown and Downtown together are one of the most dense urban cores of office space in the entire country. Only NYC and Chicago, maybe DC can really compare. (100m+ sqft) That doesn't even include Buckhead which has a skyline which is bigger than Nashville. The perception that Atlanta has no density is very false. To bring it back to home, Charlotte had the largest percentage increase of office space added in 2022...
  13. Far away from what? Its the closest possible place for a multi modal transportation center and its a few blocks from trade and tryon. The development around it alone will integrate it right into uptown.
  14. The US won't default. It would be political suicide for the GOP.
  15. I'm not sure there is a better international connection than ATL to be honest. ATL just added Ethiopian Airlines, and I think they may run out of space to expand internationally, so I could see some additional international options out of Charlotte with American losing international market share, but I think CLT has a long way to go to be a good passenger experience.
  16. Atlanta's inter city neighborhoods have density and old historic areas that no one here seems to note. The beltline in Atlanta makes South End look tiny. Midtown is densifying at a rate that is almost unmatched nationwide. While Atlanta sprawls, it still maintains landscaping that Texas cities will never have. Marta has a decent foothold, and development is finally starting to focus on Marta routes, plus a subway into the domestic airport terminal is as good as any city in the country. While it sprawls, it maintains a VERY affordable real estate market with an extremely diverse make up of job markets. Georgia is staking its future growth on EVs and will likely be a national leader very soon.
  17. The issue with Virginia and SC to some extent is such low speed limits with OVER ENFORCEMENT of "speeding" in those states. It drives me nuts that smaller cars and 18 wheelers have the same speed limit. I think we should have different speed limits per lane and different access to each lane based on the vehicle size (like most countries in the world).
  18. The concourses even for Lusail and Al Bayt (the semi and finals sights) are worse than SEC stadiums.
  19. I went to 7 of the Qatar World Cup stadiums. None of them were up to NFL stadium quality. I do think we could rebuild around the current stadium like Al Janoob and Lusail were built with a exoskeleton and half roof.
  20. Completely disagree. It's a solid looking Hotel, with very high build quality, a nice lobby, rooftop pool and very nice rooms, with good street presence. We don't need every building to make a statement. It's a top 3 hotel in this city.
  21. Nashville just voted to remove parking minimums. Didn't take a multi year study to get it passed, either.
  22. That is church owned and they are looking at a joint development that allows them to have parking on sunday. I've always wanted the old parking decks on Church to be redeveloped, but that seems to also be a long way off.
  23. The security situation at EWR is HEINOUS. TSA Pre took me 70min last summer in the Delta terminal. Was a decent Sky Club with a cool NYC skyline view, however.
  24. Well I would still consider a Saturday only flight through mid winter and then a Sunday to July to be seasonal.
  25. From a buddy who works at DEN, the Charlotte flight will start as a winter seasonal flight (assuming as a ski destination).
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