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  1. Atlanta is the single best located Airport in the US for connections. Delta is the most profitable airline in the world because of Atlanta. AA in Charlotte is a similar story to a lesser extent.
  2. Shows that Charlotte as the alternative to Atlanta is ultra sustainable. Both are perfectly situated to be the connection point for 2/3rds the population in this country. Memphis, Nashville, Raleigh, Indy, Louisville, Cincinatti can never catch up at this point to be competitive.
  3. That's a pretty poor list tbh. The list should be individual airports, not a conglomeration of a bunch of different "metro area" airports. Of course we couldn't compare to DFW AND Love field. ATL is the only single airport metro on that list.
  4. Exactly, and soaring ceilings in E are less needed than widening B or C and that isn't even going to happen. These are extending the lifespan of terminals which will be replaced in the next expansion phase.
  5. Jacksonville has a very nice climate, but it certainly needs redevelopment in order to become a place travelers would want to enjoy. If an NFL owner was my only lifeline to develop quickly, it would probably cost a premium to get kickstarted.
  6. I think thats a high number too, but Jacksonville is really trying to repair its image and rebrand as a luxurious retirement and travel destination. I think its a relatively high cost, but DT Jax needs all the help it can get and the plans from Kahn are pretty impressive. There isn't a nice hotel in DT Jax. The Hyatt is a rundown dump at this point.
  7. I would give their Orlando and 2 Atlanta Modera projects B- grades. Fairly poor street level interaction. Decent design appeal.
  8. Last week Doug Parker mentioned in senate subcommittee meetings that over 85% of ticket counter interactions were to drop off bags. I imagine that proportion becomes even higher as the flying population becomes more familiar with technology and less baby boomers fly.
  9. Atrium and Wake Forest are no Charlotte School of Law LOL
  10. No the people making those decisions won't be in the workforce in 10-20 years...
  11. While I agree how poorly the retail and street accessibility were designed, these buildings could be retrofitted to include better and more retail in the future, much easier than changing or removing a parking deck for example.
  12. Nashville is certainly "beating" us when it comes to nightlife/restaurants, while we are winning the commercial real estate and transportation battle. Dallas to me is 20 years ahead of us, but rather bland. Its downtown has a few good things going for it, but most of its growth is only in Uptown. The DFW metroplex is massive, but as for the city of Dallas itself, Charlotte could be able to catch up in the next 15 years in terms of development. We need to continue to develop high quality locally owned restaurants, we are behind our peers.
  13. Right. If you're on Delta (better airline anyway), you could still get on a second flight to London, Paris, Amsterdam or get on the AF, KLM flight that same evening. The centurian lounge is a certain improvement. ATL is more efficient and more on time than BOS, MIA, ORD, JFK, PHL etc. Charlotte should be able to be a great option after the renovation is complete, but still has a lot of growing pains and American Airlines is about the worst international US carrier.
  14. Honestly I'd rather connect through ATL on a long distance flight. The lounges in Atlanta are much better and have showers etc.
  15. AA needs to have their full order of 787s before anything like that can be considered.
  16. I can't wait for urban areas in this state to out-populate rural ones.
  17. That rendering looks like Minecraft. I would take bets it won't be @TheRealClaytonwould agree with me NY is a pipe dream for Peebles, and BV is practically the next Levineland.
  18. You're delusional if you think that NY tower happens or that the Charlotte project happens this decade.
  19. Look at his track record. In multiple places where he used race as a selling-point to receive favorable opportunities, he lost lawsuits and projects never got off the ground. DC, Philly, Miami. The Charlotte project is on track to fail or be extremely delayed as well.
  20. Can't tell if he or former Bobcats owner is a bigger clown from DC who tried to use race to get preferential treatment.
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