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  1. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    It has everything to do with cost, putting them on supported poles is significantly more expensive than to hang them on wires... however, they look better strung around the perimeter of the intersection than criss crossing over it, which is the new state standard. I believe it increases visibility and, personally, I think its more aesthetically pleasing. Though, I agree, poles would be best.
  2. Of course wolverine "fans" and "cheering" is a relative term... I had heard a few years ago that there were actually plans to carry on the facade around the entire stadium in phase II and phase III, but to do that would have required another 60 million or so up front.
  3. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    How long would it take to go through the approval process of a Casino? The reason I ask is because it seems to me (and I know nothing about this) that to put a casino in an urban area would be a rather lengthy process. I'm sure the public would be pretty split on this one too, with all the religious groups coming out fiercely against it.
  4. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    Don't you think they want a little high-tax revenue development outside of their DDA though?
  5. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    Well it was off by at least 1 person in 2000 because I filled out a short form census while I was at school in arizona and my mom put me on her long form back in Michigan. I don't remember all the details but I figured out that I was counted twice and they never caught it, I think because she didn't know my S.S. # or something.
  6. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    Well, its a visual nightmare for the immediate area, it stinks, and its completely unnecessary. You'll see a more productive community trash disposal method replace the ugly dumpsters in the future. And why not make downtown more aesthetically pleasing? Even our alleys can and should look presentable. Trust me, everyone on allegan, washington, washtenaw, etc. that came in contact had an issue with that alley. "Dumpster Alley" wasn't a positive name.
  7. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    I dunno, red cedar is mostly in the flood plain and with waverly being completely out of the city it might be best, politically, to turn it over to delta twp or something. I don't think thats the biggest issue... i think that was reserved for the 38 jobs that were spared with the council's budget... It'll be tough to say that revenue is going to increase in the city and that spending will go down when health care and wages/salaries are going nowhere but up.
  8. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    I don't get the impression its a matter of siding with the regulars but more going against the mayor. In the end they didn't get everything they wanted and he didn't get everything he wanted. The question that needs to be addressed is who's budget would have made things better on the 2007-2008 budget cycle. If the mayor is right and his cuts addressed the "structural" deficite this city is running, then it's going to come squarely on Council's shoulders if these same issues come up again next year. If they want to keep on drawing down the rainy day fund they could end up creating massive i
  9. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    Who says size is the problem right now? Wouldn't you think that a convention saying "we'd choose you guys but you're short 250 downtown hotel rooms" pretty much means another hotel would be the kicker to get more interest in the Lansing Center?
  10. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    Yep, I think you're right. I think the abundant interest in lofts on washington square, prudden place and motor wheel, the stadium district, and others indicates that the perceived "risk" of putting housing downtown is bunk. We'll see how well printer's row sells considering they've got NEZ and target a much much higher target demographic than probably 95% of the other developments we've got going right now. I hope to see some of the more stagnant properties downtown get a little action... there are always going to be the prospectors who sit on their hands and wait for development to occu
  11. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    Personally I'd like to see paths on both sides of the river from Michigan to north of grand river ave.
  12. LanCity

    Lansing Off Topic

    First off, what makes you think that gillespie would have gone ahead and agreed to buy the land from the city if they'd made him build a multimillion dollar structure that he would have a tough time getting his money back from? Especially considering there is NO example downtown to look at to say "yes this is undeniably going to be a success" he's taking a massive risk and frankly i'm glad the city incented the hell out of him to get it done. Second, are you comparing Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor to Lansing? You honestly think that we can just go out there and say "nope, we're as good as th
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