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  1. I doubt this will ever get built. Just like the 80s boom, another major project gets killed. It's the Hartford and Connecticut way. Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah how's that working out 5 years later? Constant budget deficits and getting worse, constant tax increases, more regulation, GE leaving, etc. I could go on but what's the point? And before you blame me for being a Republican, just to reiterate I'm a registered independent. Not interested in being affiliated with a party. Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  3. I think they're going to move a lot of operations out-of-state, but for now I think they're staying. I wouldn't be surprised to see a move in the next 5 or 10 years. Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  4. Well there you go. Malloy has driven GE out of Connecticut., But please voice of reason keep defending them. Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  5. Probably never! Economically CT will never get on track until we elect some pro-business governors. We're just two blue of the state for that to ever be possible again. Honestly I excepted it. More than likely I'll probably move down to Florida eventually, where the cost-of-living is much lower than here. A lot of my family has moved down there already. Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  6. No I just look at things realistically. If Malloy was really serious about tackling the budget and the unions, then he wouldn't of given us the two largest tax increases in state history. The guy is constantly raising taxes, and literally decimating the middle class at the same time. What is your source for the state employment numbers? Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  7. Shrink government(good one)? Good for business(gotta a good chuckle on that one). Sorry don't mean to be rude but what planet are you living on? Malloy is a disaster! By the way I'm not a conservative, liberal, nor Republican. Just tired of seeing this State continue to go down the tubes. I talk to business people all the time in my line of work, and all say the same thing. Malloy's making it more and more difficult to do business in CT. And the only reason why he's starting to talk about concessions is because any more taxes will not be tolerated by the people of the state. He has no choice! His poll numbers are in the tank! If he had his way he would continue to raise taxes every budget year. Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  8. Malloy's poll numbers are in the toilet. Plus he might get in trouble for violating some election laws. Sent from my AT&T iPhone 6S Plus using Tapatalk
  9. Two local MLS teams would make for a great rivalry. Whalers and Bruins games where always very spirited.
  10. If Luke Bronan wins nothing will change. Might as well keep Segerra. It's still gonna be the same old tired democratic policies. At the State level CT is screwed. With 3.5 more years of Malloy left, the economic damage will take years to fix after he leaves office. That's providing another democrat doesn't get elected.
  11. What a surprise! With consistent democratic wins I just can't see CT moving forward economically. Malloy has been disaster, and the GOP just can't seem to put up s good candidate. Had they had a bull Malloy would of been booted out. He barely just won.
  12. Not trying to start a flaming war, just putting out my observations of what I saw visiting the garden State. Comparing the two north Jersey seems to have an incredible amount of sprawl. Makes me appreciate the way CT limits sprawl Statewide.. Beauty wise CT wins hands down, even coming in from 95. The Merrit as well. It's just more pleasing to eye. The swamps in Jersey just don't do it for me. Economically Jersey wins! Christi seems to be turning things around. Taxes are kept in check while Malloy goes on a spending binge with no end in sight. Although property taxes in Jersey are worse than CT.. I'm definitely not knocking Jersey. I'm sure there are many beautiful areas there as well. Both States are economically similar in many ways.
  13. Now that the new state budget has passed, GE has been talking about a possible move out-of-state. And from all accounts they seem pretty serious about it.
  14. With the popularity of UCONN basketball, it's possible a winning NBA team could spark huge crowds. I wouldn't rule it out completely.
  15. I agree I think the NHL and NBA are definitely a possibility. MLB while nice would not happen, as the Red Sox and Yankees would most likely not approve.
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