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  1. I gotta admit you have some nice ideas, and they make a lot of sense economically.
  2. I don't think a new arena is even on malloy's radar.....
  3. Looks like Stamford is on Hartford heels from a population standpoint. Bridgeport amazingly added 1000 residents.
  4. What a big waste of taxpayer money........... Hell if were gonna spend that amount of money on something, then let's get a new arena.
  5. While a new arena would be nice, it's just not gonna happen right now in this economy. Although looking at these plans, i think Howard might have a winner here, and at a bargain to boot.
  6. Unfortunately the economy as stated in the article is slowing things down a bit.
  7. It's a no brainier!!!! Build this thing in Hartford!
  8. That is awesome.... Hopefully this a sign that the travel industry is coming back strong.
  9. Realistically I don't think it will ever happen........ But one can dream though. The Yankees and Red Sox would never vote for such a move.
  10. Looks like Providence didn't make the cut either.
  11. Concurred..... This will bring a lot more bodies downtown, translating into more people spending money at local businesses.
  12. WOW!!!!! New Haven is definitely on a role! Glad to see one CT city getting things done! Mayor Perez are you watching?
  13. I'm not surprised considering the state of the economy.
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