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  1. An article in the News & Record said that TIMCO CEO John R. Cawthron accused Honda Jet of stealing several key TIMCO engineers. This guy is a total crybaby. Honda claims it hasn't targeted any companies for recruiting purposes. It's called competition, John. Seeing the way he publicly reacted to loosing 4 engineers, I can understand why they left his company and went with Honda.
  2. I just went looking for Skybus's annual report, but apparently they were privately held. I do wonder what their books looked like because when looking for their form 10-k, I found this announcement from JetBlue: "http://www.primenewswire.com/newsroom/news.html?d=139608 JetBlue Offers Affected Skybus Customers and Employees Special Standby Fares JetBlue will offer Skybus customers a special standby fare of $50 for one-way travel. JetBlue does not directly serve all former Skybus destinations. This fare will be honored for any JetBlue destination within 100 miles of the original Skybus destination." This offer does include Greensboro. I took a quick look at JetBlue's financial info, while they're not doing gangbusters, they did manage to report $18 million in net income last year, which for a budget airline isn't too shabby. I would have to say that if Southwest and JetBlue are managing to stay afloat, Skybus certainly cannot blame their demise solely on fuel prices.
  3. Side Trax looks interesting. It's bordered by railroad tracks on two sides. Must make for an interesting dining experience when the trains come through. I'm sure that's what people think when they think "upscale casual." "Honey, let's go to that fine restaurant where we have to pause in the middle of conversation when a train comes barreling through!"
  4. Lightnin Hopkins! http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=...videoid=9656633
  5. That's a good lookin' statue.
  6. Has anyone seen the new statue of the fighting quaker at the roundabout yet?
  7. This project has a lot of opposition from the people in town who want to preserve downtown the way it is and redevelop what's already there. What do you guys think?
  8. Did they open it early today? They changed the signage at the split at Mt. Hope Church Road today. I noticed it on my way home from Burlington this afternoon.
  9. They are progressing on the site. The steel is up to three floors on a main structure and they have paved part of the inner road system on the site. I still think it's a shame to develop that land, those rolling hills are beautiful.
  10. I took the long way home today in order to take a ride on the new stretch of the beltway. It's really nice. I just wish the whole loop was open all the way around.
  11. Shoot, I thought that the whole stretch from Bryan all the way to I-85 was going to open. I thought I was going to be able to swoop right down next weekend on my way to Charlotte instead of taking stinking Holden road all the way down. I hope they open the final stretch to I-85 in January like they say might happen. It takes forever to get from northwest Greensboro down to I-85 south.
  12. I drove by the interchange at Bryan Boulevard today and everything definitely looks ready from there. I wonder what else needs to be done before they can open it?
  13. Do you guys think the new section will open by this weekend?
  14. Yeah, those wireless card readers are really cool. Especially considering how crazy it gets in Apple stores. It's cool to be able to flag down someone and check out right there rather than checking out at the register.
  15. YES! I was in Charlotte over the holiday and went to the Apple store at South Park. I was talking about how Greensboro needed an Apple store and how the new section of Friendly would be perfect for an Apple store. Yay!
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