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  1. oy, gevalt. i can feel i.q. points falling out of my skull just reading this.
  2. you're right - "plasterinig himself into the media" - obviously, the guy is just a media whore. those "brain-washing, control freaks" of the media wouldn't even be covering this if it wasn't for that "day of volunteering" b.s. i suspect that if the inauguration was taking place on february 15th and was dominating the news cycle we'd be hearing about how sad it is that something as important as valentine's day was being submerged by the non-story that is a new president. i mean, valentine's day is a symbol of love...and isn't love more important that stupid political stuff? i'm guessing that the people for whom martin luther king's birthday is an important marker are probably okay with coverage of the first african-american president. honestly, a bit more perspective and a little less axe-grinding.
  3. it's already been noted, but...both. yes, they are there to hold the forms together during the concrete pour. they are also a design feature. the design architect worked under japanese architect tadao ando (one of the most decorated architects in the world), whose palette is typically concrete and wood and glass. typical ando: you...um...may notice some similarities to the design concept for the art museum...
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