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  1. Isn't that corner location where the developer from Ohio is trying to put the GSA tenant from Heritage Hill that created all of the commotion when he request approval on a development bond?
  2. This may have been covered already but what happened to the little restaraunt between Bulls Head and Mojos?
  3. I thought I heard that Keystone Pharmacy was opening up a branch in the Womens Health Center
  4. The carts are still out, we had a couple of dogs after leaving mojo's saturday night.
  5. HollyKoz what would you be interested in? And welcome!
  6. It use to be an old army base and then it was torn down for an office building however it was never erected. whats the deal!?!??
  7. Based on my information the building is being designed by Craig Architects and built by Triangle. I have not seen an official notice but I am pretty sure that this is happening.
  8. I believe that the Park Row Condos will be perpendicular to Michigan St. along the far east end of the Midtowne Development.
  9. I think that this is a great idea. Shedd's aquarium is a must stop for me at least once a year. I even prepared a presentation about an aquarium project in GR for an MBA class a few years ago. Sign me up!
  10. The Zone is the fan based store inside the arena. They sell Griffins, Rampage, and other related items.
  11. You might want to check on the bringing of your own booze to Marado's. We were there two weeks ago and every table had unopened bottles of vino. When we asked to have ours opened they told us that they were unable to do that any more and that they were working on a liquor license.
  12. I drove by the other day and there was a sign saying that they were for sale with a 517 area code number attached.
  13. If this is the spot the MSU decides to go to, does the new ramp at the RDV project have enough parking to replace all of these spots?
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