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  1. now... imagine this shot about a year from now, with additional cranes for TWELVE, the Wachovia condo tower, One Charlotte, and possibly Trump tower(s)... and imagine that they are all 2 - 5 times as high as they are now and attached to 25-50+ story uncompleted buildings.
  2. I think the office building as rendered here will still look interesting from the ground. The curved portion sticks up far enough that from the ground you will see it curve and disappear behind the flat portion of the building. I think that would look quite interesting, and even leave a bit to the imagination. From that perspective, it could look perhaps even cooler than from the ground where the "S"-like curve almost looks borderline-tacky stuck on top of a rectangular-based building.
  3. new style for Charlotte = good. I like it. I also hope it has non-right angles... and engaging street presence of some kind or another.
  4. plus, keep in mind that there will be a rooftop terrace, and thus, probably railings of some sort rising above the level of the highest floorplate. That will make the top stuff look not quite as disproportionately taller.
  5. I for one think it's design is more interesting than any of the other condo towers we have so far (Courtside, Trademark, Avenue, 210 S Tryon)
  6. That will probably all be true... and perhaps more directly, complimentary in the sense of the tenants that will be in the Trump being complementary to the type of business Wachovia will be bringing to their new tower.
  7. I know Tate street isn't that large but there are some great restaurants there... IMO, anyway. The record store there closing recently pissed me off. It's been a while since I went to school there, but I remember there being a bar (Corner Bar?), mini-grocery, and some boutiques along Spring Garden between Tate and Mendenhall. What are the possibilities of a little strip developing there? I think there are houses across the street there, but it'd be something... and much closer than HP Rd. I guess Tate street looks really great in hindsight... down here at UNCC it sucks in comparison.
  8. That would actually make a lot of sense. Keep the grumblings of the bank employees at bay for as long as possible.
  9. clever... that would be amusing. While we're at it we could name the park Pyotr Park. And have swan sculptures surrounding a pond (Swan Lake) and Nutcracker decor for Christmas. Then come up with answers for thousands of puzzled citizens and press members as to what in the world Charlotte has to do with a 19th century Russian composer....
  10. I know that it had already been decided that the 5th street parking meter spots were getting eliminated to widen the sidewalk on the Avenue side of 5th. However, had that extra space already been dedicated to that side of the street? Will part of the added width be able to go to the Ivey's side? Will it even be enough added width to comfortably accomodate heavy pedestrian traffic on both sides? I am doubtful. I don't remember the lanes there being especially narrow... they could probably stand to steal a foot or so from each of the lanes too
  11. I really like the new renderings, and am happy for the LEED cert, but does anyone else find it hilariously ironic that NASCAR is building an environmentally friendly office tower?
  12. Hahaha... after a statement like that I can't help but wonder what kind of feelings are actually behind that smiley. A block full of EFIS buildings one block from the square!!
  13. Haha Levine, you snooze you lose. In a weird way I'm glad this got taken away from that area. Not only will it make the "land-Miser" look stoopid, but it will definitely work with the Wachovia complex to create huge momentum in third ward. Good gracious, the S Church/S Tryon area is going to look like Miami or something in about 2 years. Cranes EVERYWHERE!! I echo the hope for a nice area of street retail and pedestrian activity from those couple blocks of Church and all around the park. Also, if this all falls into place then the park will be completely surrounded by d
  14. Wow... yeah, I must concur that it feels pretty surreal seeing this happen. I guess that chefs specializing in black-feathered poultry will be in huge demand in Charlotte in the coming months!!
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