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  1. soverbey

    South End/South Main Developments

    Pau Gasol actually lives on Hacks Cross Road just west of Poplar Pike in Germantown. It's a Spanish style villa house, that's huge.
  2. soverbey

    South End/South Main Developments

    Scroll up it looks to me like the Founder's Pointe project as well as the Horizon Towers will be on the same plot of land, is this true, or where is the horizon going to be along the river?
  3. soverbey

    South End/South Main Developments

    i wonder what the price range will be for these?
  4. soverbey

    East Tennessee Picture of the Day

    The Dome Building is awesome. Do you have any idea as to why they built this building in this way? Was it used for government purposes or something way back when?
  5. soverbey

    East Tennessee Picture of the Day

    I just wanted to comment that Chattanooga is absolutely beautiful. Being from Memphis, it's important to have a good mix of history and the future, and Chattanooga definitely seems to have a healthy balance b/w the two. Keep up the good work, what a beautiful city. You put all other Tennessee cities to shame.
  6. soverbey

    South End/South Main Developments

    What a great compilation of projects going on in the South End area, thanks for sharing.
  7. don't forget about the new blue monkey that will be rebuilt at the corner of Calhoun (GE Patterson) and Front.....
  8. Bluff thanks for posting all of these projects, it's great to see the renderings of some of these new buildings! My favorite design out of all of these is One Beale, I think that building will be beautiful when completed, and will complement its position on the bluff overlooking the harbor.
  9. soverbey

    Arkansas Roll Call

    #19 live in memphis, have a home in mountain home, ark.
  10. soverbey

    Where are you from?

    Proud to say I'm from Memphis and West Tennessee.