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    Gainesville projects

    Here is an article providing some updates on University Corners. It sounds like progress is being made.. http://www.gainesville.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...10337/1078/news
  2. Cool, thanks for the updates. I lived in Boise from 2001-2003. I'm surprised to hear an airport expansion is on the agenda again. The current version was just finished in 2004, no? It would be great if something could be made to happen with the Boise Tower. Having an open pit in downtown for 4+ years is quite unacceptable...
  3. zed

    Gainesville projects

    Gainesville does have some kind of a height restriction on buildings (not sure why or what the exact limit is). Some former students stay in Gainesville but there is limited work outside the university and service sector that supports it. I think part of Gainesville's 'problem' with development has been the university's location away from downtown (13 blocks). This divide has caused there to be a "no man's land" between the immediate university area and downtown. Further, I-75 was located a good 5+ miles away from downtown, causing development to sprawl away from the main city onto the
  4. I think "brutalism" is a disgrace to the public realm and merely a technique for one-upping in the architectural community. The Boston city hall presents nothing but blank walls at ground level, creating an aura of grit and callous urbanity. It further sends the message that the architect does not care about the experience of those outside the building. A blank wall should be good enough for the eye! The monochromatic exterior seems inspired by the architecture of the Soviet Union and further assaults the eye without providing any visual reward. When looking at that building, my eye is dr
  5. San Francisco's is the most impressive I have seen personally. It seems worthy of being a state Capitol building. You can also see it in some of the Dirty Harry movies! Not sure how it compares to Philly however.. SF City Hall Website
  6. zed

    Gainesville projects

    Original Article Article published Jan 7, 2005 Wal-Mart's supercenter could replace Northside Park In recent weeks, the regulars at Gainesville's Northside Park have found themselves sharing the space with a new group of visitors who aren't there to walk their dog or play a few holes on the park's disc golf course. The newcomers - engineers and surveyors working for Wal-Mart - have been doing preliminary site work on the property to see whether, as some city officials suggest, it is suitable for one of the retailer's supercenters. Wal-Mart officials have preliminarily agreed to pu
  7. Original article Article published Jan 2, 2005 Big projects revisited Whatever happened to those really grand projects? Patricia Crawford doesn't pay attention to the non-believers. The Gainesville woman knows there are skeptics who doubt her plans to build a $400 million movie studio in Newberry will ever materialize. She's aware that some would rather lump it with the projects that promise at the blueprint stage to be the first, the biggest, the best, but in the end disappear with little but rumors and speculation in their wake. "You're always going to have the naysayers," s
  8. Here is a shot of downtown Boise, Idaho, taken in February 2003. This is looking north along Capitol Avenue. You can see the Idaho State Capitol dome (modeled after the US Capitol) and the US Bank building, the brown building that is the tallest in Boise. The red brick buildings to the right of the avenue are part of Boise State University.
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