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  1. I'm gonna put this here, too, cuz I think it's a very important resource for everybody with a locally-oriented website to know about. RhodeB.us is a little hack that lets you bookmark specific RIPTA schedules. Go ahead and replace your apology for the RIPTA site with links that are actually useful! This is how I used them on Pawtucket Now.
  2. Facebook makes it easy to re-connect with all those a$$-hooos you hated in grammar school. A-like so...
  3. This seems like as good a place as any to deposit this link to a Flickr page for the Baltimore In-fill Survey Photo Contest thingee. Got a whacky idea for a vacant lot? Get yer Photoshop on.
  4. Can't find the thread where this was discussed, but re: building/vacant lot at Weybosset/Eddy that's getting new windows... saw a backhoe digging a big hole to expose a portion of the building's foundation. Looked nasty.
  5. Look at the flag on top of the crane. I feel for these guys doing this work for us in this preposterous weather. Somebody buy them a cup of coffee.
  6. Just 'cuz, here's an old TBB blurbette on the connection between the Trashfer Zoning Compliance episode (won by the good guys) and the station demolition (won by the bad guys). Watch out. This is old TBB story put onto the new TBB platform. But the links in the story are to the old TBB platform. Gotta do a big link mapping project. Anyway, foretold is forewarned.
  7. So far as I understand, there's a lot of moving part and the depot building itself is the least malleable of those parts. It's in private hands, and we failed in the effort to take it by eminent domain. There's still ongoing efforts to rehab the building and include it in the overall plan, but The City doesn't hold very many cards. If we're not "drawing dead," we definitely need to "catch a card on the river." "The fix is in," is far afield, IMO. More like "Tried. Failed. Next." The main priority for The City is getting the train to stop, which is not any kind of a done deal. Amtrak wants a fourth line installed so the T won't stop on the main line. Never mind that it stops on the main line in Attleboro two miles up the track. Amtrak doesn't own that part of the line, so they can't make that demand. They DO own all the track through Pawtucket, so it's their prerogative to mess with our deal. As John Lennon said, "Possession is 9/10ths of the problem." Your question re: the north-of-the-depot site is apt, because it's, uh, problematic. Take a walk up there and think about adding a 4th line. You'll quickly see that it's a tight fit. I've heard some talk about the other site again, the one south of Union Wadding, same place they wanted to put the trash transfer deal. Plenty of space there for a 4th line. Except then you'd have to move a working freight yard. If you haven't noticed, the Northeast is already chockablock with infrastructure. There's practically no unbuilt space, so adding more is like playing whack-a-mole. Something as heavy as commuter rail is a big, big deal. Er, project. So there's more study money they're trying to get from the Feds to study the 4th line issue. 'Cept that money comes from the US Congress in the next budget. And that budget is in limbo with a series of Continuing Resolutions funding existing programs while the Democans and Republicrats duke it out for supreme control of the universe. Once they settle that, we can look at our train tracks again. Does that clear things up?
  8. Attleboro or South Attleboro with the RI plates? I know that the South Attleboro station has most of it's parking in the shopping center. If another store gets built, that will will take away those spaces.
  9. Check out the third photo down in my Bucket Blog post. The guy on the cell phone is Todd Olbrich, CF building inspector. The very same Todd Olbrich who, when serving as a Pawtucket building inspector years ago, bogusly issued the Certificate of Zoning Compliance to the Trashfer station developers that we're now fighting in court. You can't make this stuff up. I also posted photographs to the Pawtucket Flickr Group.
  10. CVS Media Relations Contacts The following contacts are intended for media members. Customer-service related e-mails sent to the contacts below may not reach the appropriate party. Erin Pensa Public Relations Manager Phone: 401-770-4786 Fax: 401-762-9227 [email protected] Mike DeAngelis Manager, Corporate Communications Phone: 401-770-2645 Fax: 401-762-9227 [email protected] Eileen Dunn VP, Corporate Communications & Community Relations Phone: 401-770-4561 Fax: 401-762-9227 [email protected] Carolyn Castel Director, Corporate Communications Phone: 401-770-5717 Fax: 401-762-9227
  11. Where do you get your list of projects? I know of many...
  12. Cotuit -- Can we have one of those development maps for the bucket?
  13. Open Meeting With Mayor Doyle Tonight - 6/26/06 7 PM Woodlawn Community Center 210 West Ave Pawtucket Sorry for the late notice.
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