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  1. IMO, as proposed, the new bridge will likely only attract local traffic. Direct connections to I-10 , built to expressway standards should be part of any construction so to function as a true "by pass". We have an existing second bridge that is very under utilized. Why can't a surface roadway be built from I-10 near LA 415 to connect to the Old Mississippi River Bridge and skirt northern areas to connect back to I-12 near Juban? At one point I heard the Audubon Bridge was to tie in with an improved LA 10 to provide a north by pass between I-49 and I-55.
  2. Just thinking out loud, would the new south bridge relieve enough traffic from the existing bridge with only access roads extending to LA 1 and Nicholson? IMO, it would be more beneficial for new limited access roads also be constructed, as part of, and at the same time, as the bridge project. They should extend to LA 415 @ I-10 (by way of a new bridge over Intracoastal) and also to I-10 near River Parishes CC. This would serve as an actual loop constructed to interstate standards allow unlimited access to/from I-10.
  3. This is welcome news for Baton Rouge. I am curious of any impact of the additional semi traffic on already heavily travelled Airline and Florida . Are additional lanes proposed, or will this be another "after the fact" (see Loyola airport flyover and the new NO North Terminal)?
  4. When questioned about the expected needs of the citizens, I find DOT in this state to be particularly arrogant in their responses.
  5. Thanks richyb83, corrected to read NC. Got carried away there...................it was another one, Amedysis that grabbed the loot for Nashville.
  6. It is unfortunate that Albemarle announced today they will be transferring another 200 office jobs from BR to NC, on top of those transfers announced last fall. All for only $2M in incentives from NC over 12 years. Didn't Louisiana provide them with $3.2M in Rapid Response Funds in 2010 when they relocated from Richmond promising to create 630 local jobs. To better protect taxpayers against "money grabbers", if they do not currently, LED needs to include a contract requiring any company receiving public incentives to remain a set minimum 20 years., in addition to the other requirements. Albemarle is nothing more than a prostitute....................Show me the money, I'll be there. So sad.
  7. My best guess is they are saving space for the Marriott "M", at least let's hope so.
  8. IMO.....Baton Rouge is taking a step in the right direction. The new entrance at Florida Street and River Road is attractive and a huge improvement over the railroad ties and gravel that previously existed. The city needs to continue to emphasize it's location on this important river. Does anyone know if the tables and umbrellas are permanent? Am I the only one to recall a proposal showing a sculpture being located at this important vantage/entry point? The leaning garbage cans would also look more attractive if they were leveled by placing them on concrete pads.
  9. Does anyone know if Charlotte or NC offered incentives to Albemarle? I am certain LED did their best to dissuade Albemarle from leaving. Did LA or BR offer incentives when they relocated here from Richmond a few years back? This is sad. I was not aware that Amedysis is also relocating. Hell this is tragic! Did Tennessee offer incentives to them? My opinion only........it does not help when close-minded rants of one self serving governor offset all the hard work BRAF, BRAC, LED and others strive to attract Fortune 1000 companies here. (recall IBM grand ribbon cutting). I for one, will not miss him, cannot wait for him to leave office. (again........my opinion only)
  10. Great pics Antrell, reminds me of fond childhood memories visiting the Arsenal and Capitol grounds. Never said before, but just an Awesome job you are doing as a Mod. Thanks!
  11. richy....... While the re-do @ River Road & Florida Street is certainly a welcome and needed change, I noticed that actually constructed is not as reflected on the rendering, please note the renderings show attractive landscaped berms with trees and ground cover on either side of the entrance, certainly more appealing than the stark painted concrete walls that were actually constructed. Any idea why the change?
  12. Doesn't a westbound on-ramp already exist at this intersection? (quarter clover-leaf loops around on the northeast quadrant) How could they possibly require this from him?
  13. AMAZZZZZZZZZZING! LT I didn't think your photos could get any better, but each post is more awesome than that previous.
  14. thanks Richy, thats the first rendering I have seen of the Huey Long Bridge, man that is awkward looking.
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